Life in the Suburbs

On of the most depressing bus rides I have ever taken in Israel was a late-night local from Kfar Saba to Tel Aviv. In addition to its sheer length (an hour and a half ride for a trip that should take 40 minutes), the bus went from suburb to suburb, revealing identical buildings and streetscapes […]


A Green Survey of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

Stay tuned for our future eco-tour of Dubai, but in the meantime let’s take a look at some green goings-on in Dubai.  Because we’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that very interesting things are happening over there. For starters, the Dubai government recently issued a requirement that all buildings in the emirate be constructed with […]


Urgently Needed: Intelligent Urban Design

Notice anything strange about this scene? Said Leemor Chandally, who sent us these photos, “I was passing by Rabin Square, when I noticed this situation and had to laugh. A bunch of people were waiting for a bus, but nobody was waiting inside the bus stop, which was obviously brand new. Instead, everyone was crouching […]


City Tree: A Green Oasis in the Middle of Tel Aviv

You wouldn’t generally think of Tel Aviv as a green oasis. A nightlife oasis, yes. A beachy oasis, yes. A trendy oasis, yeah, you could call it that too. But when you’re walking on busy Allenby Street or Dizengoff – the natural environment is probably the furthest thing from your urban experience. But tucked away […]


Slow Food Farmers Market Comes to Tel Aviv

With the Shavuot holiday coming up next week, harvest and cheeses (okay, mostly cheeses) are on everyone’s mind.  Shavuot is related to ancient grain harvest customs in Israel, making it one of the more significant agricultural holidays in Judaism. And agriculture has a big effect on the environment. Non-organic agricultural practices, such as using pesticides […]


Tel Aviv’s Environmentally Friendly Food Festival

Nachalat Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv is famous for its weekly market of local, handmade arts and crafts – a market that is very environmentally friendly. But it is also home to some of Tel Aviv’s hippest bars and restaurants. For the sixth time, these restaurants and bars are getting together for the annual Nachalat […]


Gil Peled Creates Israel’s First Green Apartment Building

Designs for new technologies to green homes, or even building new ‘eco-friendly’ neighbourhoods from scratch like in Kfar Saba (Green Building or Greenwashing?), are coming in thick-and-fast in Israel. But what about the millions of people living in buildings that have been standing for decades? One man who has come up with the answer is […]


Open Green Houses: Eco-Architecture Tours in Tel Aviv

One weekend a year, Tel Aviv’s architectural treasures open their doors and allow the public to learn about and appreciate the urban environment.  In this unique annual event structures such as historical buildings, private homes, designer lofts, unique gardens, and even construction sites are made available in a project called Houses From Within. This year […]


Get Your Dry Cleaning Wet

Last week we reported the good news about a new environmentally friendly laundromat service in Tel Aviv.  But what about those delicate items that you can’t just throw in the laundry?  Things like silk, wool, or garments with sequins and embroidery?  Usually you’d just take these to the dry cleaner’s, right? Well, think again.  Most […]

Tell Me It’s Hot, Tell Me It’s Cold: Tel Aviv Earth Hour Concert 2008

[youtube][/youtube] 40,000 people cheered in Rabin Square last night as the Tel Aviv City Hall lights were turned off and the numerous cyclists powering the Earth Hour concert took their places. At exactly 8pm, Israeli President Shimon Peres ceremoniously turned off the lights in the Azrieli Tower and simultaneously the lights of the City Hall […]


Greening Local Politics

Municipal elections will be held across Israel in November, and here in Jerusalem the current incumbent, Uri Lupolianski, will be challenged by Nir Barkat and Arcadi Gaydamek. While Jerusalem is always hotly contested for many reasons, this year a coalition of green groups has launched an initiative to get the environmental agenda high on each […]