Cyprus Fears Environmental Impact of Undersea Gas Drilling

Natural gas drilling near Cyprus could affect lucrative tourism industry says its commerce minister. Drilling for natural gas by Israel in the eastern Mediterranean has already resulted in undersea territorial disputes between Israel and Lebanon, resulting in the United Nations deciding to mediate the dispute between the two countries. Besides the environmental concerns of this […]


Leaked Poop Forces 2 Tel Aviv Beach Closures

Locals and holiday makers who love the beautiful Gordon Beach will have to leave their bikinis at home. Contaminated waters off Gordon Beach and Charles Clore Beach in Tel Aviv are stinking up plans to get the summer fun started. Leaked sewage has forced the municipality to shut down the beaches, and signs have been […]


Lebanon Rocks Out To Cure The Green Blues

Batroun is an outpost of beauty in Lebanon. The next generation of environmental activists want to make sure it stays that way. Georges “Junior” Daou belongs to the next generation of Lebanese. A long time nature-lover, he has devoted himself full time to rejecting toxic waste in Beirut, consistent oil spills that degrade the Mediterranean […]


A Classic Case of Whodunit Arises Over Toxic Waste In Lebanon

Greenpeace is taking industry to task for releasing factory-generated effluent into the Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon’s coast. Environmental activists have stopped up a pipe that is gushing toxic waste into the Mediterranean Sea.  So soon after the recent kerosene spill in Lebanon, Greenpeace is holding the local firm Sanita responsible for the ensuing toxic sludge in order to […]


Despite Japan, Turkey Goes Ahead With Nuclear Reactors

Forty years in the making: Turkey still intent on building the country’s first nuclear reactor on this serene spot on the Mediterranean Coast. Cyprus says the zone falls right on a fault line. Despite the insanity and the imminent meltdown of Japan’s nuclear facilities now going from bad to worse, countries in the Middle East […]


Ancient Caesarea Needs Every Grain of Sand

Is King Herod’s “City by the Sea” doomed once again? Man-made developments have put Caesarea at risk. The ancient sea port and other archeological sites in  the Israel coastal community of  Caesarea is being threatened by encroaching sea water due to a lack of natural sand, according to Zeev Margalit, Architect and Director of Conservation […]

American Elections Are Bad For The Nile Delta

If temperatures continue to increase and icecaps melt, scientists say a one meter rise in sea level will swallow the Nile Delta. In order to protect the good life: big cars, up to three or four or more in one family, massive homes, fancy food, and five star trips to the Bahamas, (all unavailable to […]


New Jellyfish Species Tells a Tale of Global Warming

The new species, marivagia stellata, previously not known to science, doesn’t sting but is symptomatic of the environmental woes facing the Mediterranean Sea A new species of jellyfish found off Israel’s coast the summer poses no threat to bathers but should serve warning to the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea about the dangers posed by […]


First Images Of Coral Reef Off Tel Aviv’s Shore

Along with a coral reef that scientists did not know existed, this shipwreck is one of two discovered by Nautilus robots in September. When the Nautilus of Titanic fame left Haifa in early September, the researchers on board aimed to scour deeper beneath the Mediterranean Sea’s surface than had previously been possible. Within two and a […]


BP To Drill Even Deeper Off Libya's Coast

With BP’s leaky well in the Gulf of Mexico barely capped and Tony Hayward ousted, Libya will allow BP to commence drilling deep off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea [image via arenamontanus] While the BP oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico drew worldwide consternation, inspiring an ardent campaign to quit our dependence on […]


Energy Giant BP Signs Gas Deal With Egyptian Government

Is the Mediterranean Sea fated to end up like the Gulf of Mexico? Like a giant herd of marauding elephants pounding through the forest, BP destroys everything in its wake. Despite the international outcry against one of the world’s worst human-induced environmental disasters, the Deepwater Horizon spill that leaked 92 million barrels of oil into […]