A Classic Case of Whodunit Arises Over Toxic Waste In Lebanon


Greenpeace is taking industry to task for releasing factory-generated effluent into the Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon’s coast. Environmental activists have stopped up a pipe that is gushing toxic waste into the Mediterranean Sea.  So soon after the recent kerosene spill in Lebanon, Greenpeace is holding the local firm Sanita responsible for the ensuing toxic sludge in order to […]

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Nature: Plastic Waste Kills 100,000 Mediterranean Creatures Each Year

Tiny pieces of plastic invisible to humans is likely behind the death of thousands of Mediterranean mammals, turtles, and fish. Maurice once speculated whether the Mediterranean has a plastic waste situation comparable to that of the Pacific, an issue particularly sensitive to our favorite eco-hunk David de Rothschild. His hunch – informed by empirical evidence […]

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“Mayslits Kassif Architecture” Takes Coveted European Landscape Architecture Award for Tel Aviv Port


For the first time in history, Israeli architects who designed Tel Aviv’s Port took best design at the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture Awards. The port of Tel Aviv had been an abandoned concrete pile for years before Mayslits Kassif Architecture turned it into one of the most hopping spots in Israel’s seaside city. Every […]

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Israel Marine Ecologist Says Mediterranean Needs More Environmental Protection


Despite recent beach cleanup efforts, much more needs to be done to protect the Mediterranean. Meet Dr. Ruth Yahel, a marine ecologist for the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, who specializes in studying and protecting Israel’s Mediterranean marine environment. She said that the Med is “going through an enormous change, and that  50% of the […]

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Will Israel’s Undersea Gas Pipeline Idea Increase the Mediterranean’s Already Polluted State?


Natural gas fields off Israel’s coast. A submerged gas pipeline to Greece will be even more ecologically problematic. Israel is considering a plan to build an underwater natural gas pipeline to Europe as a way to transport gas being drilled from offshore wells in the eastern Mediterranean. The plan, as reported August 30 in Globes, […]

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BP To Drill Even Deeper Off Libya's Coast


With BP’s leaky well in the Gulf of Mexico barely capped and Tony Hayward ousted, Libya will allow BP to commence drilling deep off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea [image via arenamontanus] While the BP oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico drew worldwide consternation, inspiring an ardent campaign to quit our dependence on […]

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The Kishon River Goes from Sewage and Industrial Waste Canal to Nature Park in Only a Decade


Considered the most polluted river in Israel, the Kishon River struggles with water quality. But now, cormorants on the river can eat the fish they catch. The Kishon River, a 75 km long stream that begins in the Western Galilee and ends when emptying into Haifa Bay at the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, was until recently […]

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Alexander River's Still Polluted – Could Improve With Help From Palestinian 'Friends'


Better control of sewage inflow could make the Alexander River even more attractive. The Jordan River (which is dying) is not the only waterway in Israel, the PA, and Jordan, that has been in the center of environmental controversy. Virtually all of the region’s streams and rivers have their share of ecological problems, more notably […]

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