Hazon Hosts Jewish Food Conference in California

If you are in the California area this winter and you care about food issues, consider heading to Hazon‘s annual food conference, from December 24-27. This is the same group running the sustainable food tour coming up in Israel. This Jewish food seminar looks at the ethics of animal slaughter, sustainable Israeli and Palestinian farming […]


Chicago Muslims Launch Green Ramadan

Suburban mosques in Illinois are preaching carpools, recycling and reduced meat consumption this month as part of a Green Ramadan campaign launched by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. According to the Daily Herald, the Council includes 50 mosques with 40,000 members. Five mosques have officially signed on, including the first solar mosque […]


Taco Bell Goes Green with All Unnatural Ingredients

Loyal GP readers know that there are many ways to cut a burger out of your life, from being a part-time vegetarian to vegging out on Meatless Mondays at Israel’s gourmet restaurants. The Onion reports one more: the American fast food chain Taco Bell is going green by replacing all its ingredients with those grown […]


Israel's Finest Restaurants Offer Vegetarian Specials on Mondays

As we saw in recent posts on vegawarianism and collective vegetarianism, meatless lifestyles now come in all different shapes and sizes.  To add to these vegetarian possibilites, Jana and Ilan Gur, owners of the Al Hashulchan (“On the Table”) food magazine, recently introduced the Sheni Tzimchoni (Vegetarian Monday) initiative.  Dozens of Israel’s best restaurants have […]


NYTimes Blog: Be a Part-Time Vegetarian

You heard about being a vegawarian here, which in case you forgot, means “you are ‘aware’ that eating animals contributes more towards global warming than eating plants. So, maybe, sometimes, you will choose the vegetarian option instead of the meat option.” The New York Times’ Freakonomics blog has just published another scheme for cutting down […]


Classic Middle Eastern Cooking: Kibbeh Recipe

Kibbeh is one of the stalwarts of Levantine cooking, and comes in as many versions as there are towns or people who make it. Loosely, kibbeh refers to a mix of burghul (bulgur), ground lamb, and spices. It can be served raw (kibbeh nayye), spread flat and baked (kibbeh bis-sayniyyeh), or formed into small ovals […]


Vegawarian Dinner

Last night, my roommates and I hosted a dinner party for twelve. Out of the eight dishes, only the stuffed peppers had meat; the others were majadara (rice and lentils), garlic-mint carrots, and goat-cheese stuffed eggplants simmered in Hamutal’s amazing pepper sauce muhamarra. Muhamarra: the addictive red pepper and walnut spread from Syria This morning […]