"Slash and Burn" Clouds in Amazon May Have Telling Consequences for Volcano Ash


Prof. Colin Price suggests link between volcanic ash, cloud formation and global weather patterns. Native Americans used smoke signals to indicate danger, and a white plume is sent up by the Vatican when a new Pope is chosen. A new research project by Tel Aviv University and Weizmann Institute researchers has shown that where there’s […]

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Gore’s Clarion Call


Yosef Gotlieb, educator and writer, opines on critics of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Image via asterdata. In a meticulously reasoned essay appearing on the Opinion page of the March 1, 2010 edition of the International Herald Tribune (New York Times, Feb 28), Al Gore succeeds in disarming and discrediting the champions of climate change skepticism. […]

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Masdar "Greens" Egyptian Sugar Co. With Fuel Switch from Mazut Oil to Natural Gas


If you enjoy sweet treats from Cairo, they are about to get sweeter: Cairo sugar co is now greening its emissions by switching to natural gas. Abu Dhabi’s Masdar energy and development company is helping to further make the Middle East more green by signing a 10 year CO2 Emissions Control Agreement with Egyptian Sugar […]

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New Geo-Archaeological Study Reveals 2,500 Years of Mediterranean Sea Level Fluctuations


The Templar palace ruins in Akko (Acre), one of the sites where a geo-archaeological study was carried out. New research finds that short-term rising and falling of sea levels may not say much about global warming patterns. Rising sea level, one of many climate change-related phenomena expected to occur in the coming years, is a […]

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Forests may not be the greatest carbon sinks – here’s why


It can take decades of forest growth before the ‘cooling’ CO2 sequestration can overtake these opposing ‘warming’ processes, finds new study on Yatir Forest (above). We’ve been buying carbon credits, and have been busy planting trees hoping to stave off climate change, but the simple formula we’ve learned in recent years – forests remove the […]

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COP 15 Outcome: A Weak Climate Change Agreement, Disappointed Environmentalists, and "Oil Business As usual" in the Middle East


The glaciers are melting – and seas are rising – is climate change to blame? It’s over: the two week long COP 15 conference on global warming and climate change ended Friday night with a weak agreement to try to keep global warming temperature levels at or below 2 degrees Celsius, and to allocate a […]

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Israeli NGOs Light Channukah Candles and Push for Government Action in Copenhagen


Last night, Israel’s NGO delegation to the Copenhagen climate talks kicked off a week of activism with a very special Channukah candle-lighting. Delegates gathered in City Hall Square of the city to publicly light the Channukah menorah, but with a climate-flavored twist.  Instead of singing the traditional words to age-old Channukah songs, the activists changed […]

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Haifa Chemicals and Citi To Sell Carbon Credits


Haifa Bay is lovely, but it’s extremely polluted. Chemical giant there now producing carbon credits with Citi bank. What would induce a significantly environmentally polluting company like Israel’s Haifa Chemicals to make an agreement with an international banking institution like Citi to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Haifa Chemicals has long been a […]

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UNESCO Conference in Lebanon Stresses Media's Role in Environmental Change


  Participation by news and information media in helping the environment was one of the main issues discussed in a conference which opened last Wednesday at the UN ‘s regional UNESCO headquarters in Beirut. The use of various media resources to promote the preservation and protection of the environment in Lebanon and elsewhere was discussed […]

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