The Middle East Will Remain "LEAF" – Less as Nissan Puts Electric Car Efforts Elsewhere

Nissan’s all-electric LEAF gives a run for Volt’s and Better Place’s money. Nissan has no plans, however, to target infrastructure-poor Middle East. The battle over which company will market the first practical electric car is becoming more intense with the introduction of Nissan’s new total electric LEAF model. The Japanese carmaker is marketing this new entry […]


Better Place Electric Car Gets Investment Fuel of $350 Million Led by HBSC

Better Place’s financial batteries get “supersharged” with a massive $350 million investment. If you’ve been following clean tech news, you’ll know that Shai Agassi’s Better Place electric car development company has received a substantial “charge” for its financial batteries by receiving funding of $350 million. The investment comes by way of a consortium of investors that […]


Cash For Clunkers, Sabra Style

Getting clunkers off the streets in Israel, paves the way for hybrids and electric cars. This is the Israeli-made Susita, a lemon of a car, but snack of choice for local camels. Copying the wildly popular Cash for Clunkers program in the United States, the Israeli government has announced its own plan to get polluting […]


A DIY Build Your Own Electric Car

Mod your petrol-run car – and make it electric! A lot of car buyers today are interested in cutting their carbon footprint – that’s why they want to purchase both hybrid and electric cars. Hybrids (Karen writes about the pleasures of owning a Prius), are a combination of  both a gasoline and electric power source. […]