Start-Up Nation Book Looks at Israel's High-tech Industry, Gives Insight Into Clean Tech


The book was sold-out even before its official release on November 4, says Saul Singer, author and columnist from Jerusalem. Singer co-wrote Start-Up Nation with Dan Senor, a prominent news analyst and businessman from New York. The two take a look at Israel’s trillion dollar high-tech industry and the nation’s improbable success – against all odds. […]

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'Red Alert!' Daniel Wildcat's Indigenous Knowledge Book Links Us to a Green Books Campaign


Green Prophet is delighted to be teaming up today worldwide with Eco Libris, an environmentally friendly green printing company, and their Green Books campaign. Eco Libris is run by Israeli  Raz Godelnik, and has been featured on Green Prophet here where we interviewed Raz. The campaign plans 100 reviews of green themed books around the […]

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Julian gets to grips with green business in a double book review


A couple of years after former Sierra Club President Adam Werbach founded  ActNow, a sustainable business consultancy, he signed up Walmart as a client. This brought Werbach considerable notoriety in eco-activist circles. Walmart’s record of environmental responsibility had previously been spotty, to put it mildly. Werbach retorted to his critics that Walmart, with almost two […]

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Pollution in a Promised Land: Alon Tal on Israel and the Environment


Here in Israel a few months ago we celebrated Yom Ha’atzma’ut or Independence Day with fireworks, barbecues, and mutual congratulations on how much we’ve achieved in 61 years –– absorbing millions of immigrants, sustaining a vibrant democracy, building a dynamic economy –– and a certain amount of soul-searching about how much we still haven’t: peace, intra-Jewish […]

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Louise Looks At Eco-Travel With "The Guardian Green Travel Guide"


Worried about your carbon footprint? Not sure where to turn for accurate information? This book certainly delivers what it says on the jacket. Drawing together a range of contributions from travel and green experts, it offers the reader opportunity to explore options for travelling worldwide which take least toll on the environment and which contribute […]

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Scientist, Environmentalist and Eco-Prophet James Lovelock Issues A Final Warning in 'The Vanishing Face of Gaia'


“We became the Earth’s infection a long and uncertain time ago”: James Lovelock is perhaps the world’s best-known independent scientist; he has published a new book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning. Lovelock has served humanity and the planet well by inventing a device (the ECD – Electron Capture Detector), which detected the […]

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Rabbi Julian joins with other faiths to 'Love God, Heal Earth'


Twenty years, ago, Sally Bingham went to her local bishop and announced that she wanted to be ordained so that she could become the world’s first priest for the environment. She was received with some skepticism. Undeterred, she embarked on almost a decade of study and became an Episcopalian minister in 1998. She went on […]

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Leora gets to grips with Michael Crichton's 'State Of Fear'


Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” is a thriller, telling the story of eco-terrorists artificially creating extreme weather events in order to convince the world of the non-existent threat known to the rest of us as “anthropogenic (human caused) climate change”. The hero of the story, an MIT professor and special agent by the name of […]

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Daniella Unpicks Israel's Relationship With Land and Housing In Amiran Gonen's "Between City and Suburb"


If you’ve heard about the demise of the kibbutz movement, then you may also know that financially strapped communal farms have recently climbed out of debt by building suburban-style detached housing developments and selling them to upwardly mobile Israelis. Suburbanizing kibbutzim and moshavim (village settlements), along with several new suburban-style towns like Shoham (near Ben […]

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Architect Gil Peled Strives for a 'Carbon-Free House' in Stephen and Rebekah Hren's Book


Carbon emissions from the building environment are globally one of the major contributors to climate change. On average up to 50% of all carbon emissions are related to domestic use of energy – our household consumption. How then will our personal conduct have any influence on the global climate? The answer to that is it […]

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