Top 3 Middle Eastern Eco-Cities to Visit in 2011

Planning out your vacations for the new year ahead? Beirut, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi make the cut. A few months ago, world-renowned travel guide company Lonely Planet made a list of its top 10 cities for 2011.  Tel Aviv made the prized 3rd place spot (after New York and Tangier, but before Valencia, Delhi, […]


Eco-Lessons To Empower Women In Abu Dhabi

 As the environmental movement in the Middle East blossoms, women are being encouraged to take a more active role in environmental protection We have already profiled the lovely ladies at Naqa’a, an environmental group based in Saudi as well as the Eco-Chicks of Abu Dhabi who are making strides in introducing the climate agenda […]


UAE Plans To Improve Food Security

It’s no secret that the Gulf states are heavily dependent on foreign farmlands for their food and no more so than the United Arab Emirates which imports 80% of its food products. Most foods you see stocked in the UAE’s supermarkets will have been brought in from elsewhere ready to sell directly to the consumer […]


Green Abu Dhabi Art Show Aims to Paint the Town Green

The Green Abu Dhabi Art Show will soon be using one of the world’s universal languages – art – to spread the message of environmentalism. The color green will have a different artistic meaning at the Green Abu Dhabi Art Show starting this Wednesday (October 13th).  Instead of referring  to the artists’ color palettes, it […]


American “Eco-Geek’s” First Week At The Masdar Institute

American engineering student Laura Stupin spends her first week on Masdar’s Mothership. Never mind the trumped up press releases that claimed for Masdar a zero carbon, zero waste, car-free city, or the derisive press that followed. And forget the original ambition to complete such unrealistic goals by 2015. Fast-forward instead to October, 2010, just over […]


Baker & Spice Hosts The UAE’s First Farmer’s Market

Businesses in Dubai interested in reducing their carbon footprint should become consult their food map and source food locally. Not far from Dubai, the Abu Dhabi eco-chicks arrange nights out and other eco-centric activities that coalesce the emirate’s green minds. They have also created a user-friendly map to make organic and sustainable businesses easier to […]


Sign Up for Gulf Solar 2010

There is enough sun in the Gulf region to generate electricity equivalent to that powered by 1.5 million barrels of oil; will stakeholders make the switch? Do you have any plans  for the 23-24 of December? If not, perhaps you should consider booking a ticket to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to attend […]


Abu Dhabi Chef Removes Threatened Fish From Menu

Executive Chef Olivier Loreaux takes fishy matters into his own hands by replacing the threatened hammour with more sustainable varieties The struggle to preserve our threatened fish populations, such as the bluefin tuna, is complicated. On the one hand, they are an important source of protein for humans, as well as a source of income […]


Masdar City: Small Hiccups, Or Total System Failure?

Masdar City has experienced knee-buckling setbacks, but we haven’t heard the last of them just yet Masdar City is hanging on tenterhooks. After questioning the dicey science of carbon credits for big energy companies, we then published assurances by Masdar’s CEO Sultan Al-Jaber that although the project will be delayed because of certain hiccups – not […]


Masdar And The Dicey Science Of Carbon Credits

Are oil and gas companies seeking carbon credits simply opportunists looking to make a profit? [image via oedipusphinx] It  makes some sense that Masdar City, a carbon neutral city being built in Abu Dhabi, should receive carbon credits. But rewarding large oil companies such as Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC even though they continue to emit carbon […]


Dust Swept Into Arabian Gulf Delivers Key Nutrients

Although dust could fill up the Gulf in the next 20-40 years, according to scientists, at the moment it feeds the food chain. [image via treehugger] Whether from nearby construction zones puffing up plumes of dust and contaminating homes, or a sweeping sand storm, dust permeates every crevice of Middle Eastern life. But recent research suggests that […]