Name this Baby Orphaned Gazelle

His mother passed away at birth. Now zookeepers at the Al Ain Zoo in Abu Dhabi are asking the public to give this baby gazelle a name. No Splashypants please! Remember Mr. Splashypants the whale that was named during an online Greenpeace campaign? Like it or not, that’s what voters chose for the whale now […]

Masdar’s Sustainability Begins with Design, But Where Are the Humans?

[youtube][/youtube]Take a new tour through the Masdar Institute with this video. Modeling traditional Arabic cities and using old innovation like windcatchers, Masdar has become an expensive showcase for sustainable living in the Middle East. The above video gives a tour of some of the renewable energy initiatives there, like heliostats, and its pod cars. I […]

WATCH: Protecting Mangroves in the Arab Gulf

[youtube][/youtube] Earlier this week Tafline found the vivacious character Ali Saloom from the United Arab Emirates who has launched a new show:  Ask Ali About the Environment. One of his first episodes on environmental issues in Abu Dhabi, here Ali points out how mangroves in Abu Dhabi protect us from environmental catastrophes. Click the above […]


Five Star Eco-Tourism in Cool, But Hot Mid East Locations

Jordan’s Six Senses Evason Hot Springs Eco Resort. Does King Abdullah and family come here for fun? There are numerous eco-tourism options available in the Middle East. Green-hearted tourists can climb “God’s Mountain” in Egypt or visit the desert oasis of Siwa along the Red Sea coast in Sinai. But in the United Arab Emirates, five star […]


Abu Dhabi Beach Gains Blue Flag Award

Abu Dhabi’s Corniche has become the Arabian Gulf’s first Blue Flag beach The city of Abu Dhabi has become the first Arabian Gulf location to gain a Blue Flag environmental award for one of its beaches. The certification has been awarded to the famous Abu Dhabi Corniche, a four mile stretch of coastline which is […]


Green Prophet Wants to Meet All The UAE Eco-Peeps

Tafline finally gets to sink her teeth into the United Arab Emirates’ eco-scene, and wants to meet all the groovy green folks during her three week stay! Yours truly  is touring the United Arab Emirates’ green scene on Green Prophet’s behalf and wants to see you! After a very brief but incredibly well-serviced flight from […]


New Arabian Humpback Whale Species Located in Oman

An Arabian humpback whale: newly discovered and already imperiled? The Arabian and Persian Gulf waters off countries like Abu Dhabi, Iran, and Oman are home to a number of different types of marine animals. These include dolphins, at least 600 dugongs, several species of sharks, and sea turtles living in and around the Bu Tinah […]


Ride a Pod Car and Meet Masdar City @Monthly Fair

Eco-tourists can visit Masdar City without a press pass. If you happen to be in the Abu Dhabi neighborhood, let’s say at the end of April, why not head over to Masdar City’s open house? Well, it’s not exactly a city yet, but as the first residents of this purported zero-carbon city move in, Masdar […]


Nat Geo Goes On Tour, Through The UAE

National Geographic “isn’t just about animals”: that’s the message the Editor-in-Chief of the Arabic version intends to convey. National Geographic Magazine is one of the most exciting magazines on the planet. With 50 million monthly readers, its commitment to conservation, culture, and science is virtually unparalleled. To date, the National Geographic Society has awarded 9,000 […]

Solar Desalination Tech Tested By Emiratis

Hopefully, the UAE’s new solar energy desalination process will help create more green water. Abu Dhabi’s Environment Agency is testing a new solar energy desalination system that is much more environmentally friendly, as well as less costly, according to the English language Dubai News. The process is said to be a “zero-carbon process which helps […]