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There is a reason why our all natural sugar wax recipe is an all-time high post at Green Prophet, racking in hundreds of thousands of views. We already understand the nature of beauty and that if you still a gorgeous older woman somewhere on the planet chances are her beauty secrets are an 8-hour sleep and something simple like olive oil to moisturize her skin. Even the most natural products have something in them to preserve or keep the product that’s why I shy away from endorsing almost any beauty product.

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Some older women, may need hormone replacement therapy to stave off the effects of menopause, and these hormone injections can make you look younger by a decade. But they are not a lifestyle choice if you are on them more than 5 years. My mother was on hormone replacement therapy for 10 years and was then diagnosed with endometrial cancer, a common effect with long-term use of hormone therapy. It was doctor prescribed!

For women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s+ large breasts used to be the thing. But now that anyone can pay $10,000 for a breast augmentation surgery, small breasts look best and a big behind is the most sought after feature on the beach.

But now the latest fad is a big rear-end. This is good news for women who are naturally fuller, as larger back ends counteract eating disorders. The two can’t really go together… unless you opt for surgery.

Behind-surgeries are as unappealing to us if not more than breast enhancement. Any kinds of unnatural fillers or surgeries you do to your body can put you at risk for auto-immune diseases. Any time you go under the knife you put your body at risk for infection. Ask any doctor about this, but not plastic surgeons.

If you want to look hot on the beach, consider the most natural routes possible, and you might not like our suggestions because they will require a bit of work. Like anything in life, when you work for it, it will be the best result.

Here are our beauty tips:

  1. For the healthy skin glow: eat fruits like mango and papaya. Take the rinds of the fruit and run the remaining fruit on your skin. Wash off after 15 minutes. Forget buying expensive beauty creams. Spend that money on activities to make you a better person.
  2. Use olive as a moisturizer and in your food. It’s good for everything
  3. Avoid exposure to the sun, or limit it each day.
  4. Buy some hiking boots and get a naturally pert derriere by walking up and down natural paths. You might meet some great people along the way.
  5. Kick off the running shoes and go somewhere warm. Run barefoot along the beach.
  6. Don’t fight your genetics. Work with it. Accent your strong points, downplay your weak.
  7. If anyone is going to love you, it won’t be for your body. Work on your interests and reading list. Get out into the world and build something great. Do good things for others and your beauty will shine through on your face and body. This is the healthiest advice we can give you.
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Getting a good night’s sleep in winter Tue, 17 Jan 2017 12:56:41 +0000

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something everyone should aspire to. After all, the benefits of it are myriad – from aging more slowly to being increasingly active and attaining general longevity. However, there’s more to it than simply having a regimented exercise program and a healthy diet.

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In recent years there has been a growing trend towards living a slower paced life, and this includes getting more rest and sleep, something a lot of city dwellers, hard workers, and young professionals neglect. This is crucial to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, along with diet and exercise. However, it’s not something everyone is able to achieve; as many as 150 million people worldwide suffer from a chronic sleep disorder.

On top of that, the rigorous demands of a career and busy lifestyle are a constant drain on our ability to get adequate rest. Below, we’ll discuss a number of tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Invest in a quality mattress

Seeing as we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, having a poor quality mattress seems counterintuitive to a comfortable lifestyle. After all, you wouldn’t buy cheap running shoes if you were competing in a marathon. The benefits of a good mattress – for example, those found at a company like Eve – can result in a decrease in stress, a better quality of sleep, improved memory and even weight loss, all of which are composite parts of a complete healthy lifestyle.

Set a sleep schedule

Maintaining constant and set times that you go to bed and rise each day is crucial to achieving good quality sleep. This means going to bed at the same time every night and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning – even on weekends. The logic behind this is the same with any discipline, you’re putting constant time and dedication to build a habit that eventually will grow into a routine.

Relax before bed

Make sure you set some time aside before you go to sleep to let your body truly relax. This means shutting down your computer, putting your cell phone aside and dimming the lights. Get rid of anything stimulating that might jar you awake. Consider taking a relaxing bath, engaging in some meditation, listening to some music or reading a book. All of these will calm both your body and mind and allow you to ease more naturally into sleep.

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How to start the world’s sweetest, greenest blog! Wed, 11 Jan 2017 09:20:28 +0000 writing wall grafitti

You are reading this, right? Blogging is the perfect way to establish your online presence. Speak to us if you want to write for Green Prophet! But to get anyone to listen to what you are saying, you need to know a few skills. You might be good at business, and you might be good at writing, but a good blog post –– there is no shortage of advice (see how to create a blog) but if you follow a few tips, you’ll be on the road to saving the world one word at a time.

How to Create a Blog

Selecting the domain name: First of all you need to select the appropriate domain name. Remember the blog name is going to be your identity so you need to select it carefully. Do not go for a very complicated domain name. Make it short and simple so that you can remember it easily. And think about the concept of timelessness. Green Prophet already feels a bit old, as the world green is a bit overused in the eco space. But Sustainable Prophet just doesn’t have the same ring!

Choosing the best blogging platform: Another important step is the selection of the platform for your blog.

You can either opt for WordPress or Blogger. Work through Medium or build your own. All three platforms are authentic and good but if you go to Medium, you may build a great following but you will never be able to monetize from the content you write.

Blogger is a completely free platform so you can opt for it if you do not want to invest in your blog at the initial level.

WordPress offers two options. It has one free option and one self-hosted. The best option is self-hosted WordPress. The best part is that it will not cost you a lot to create a self-hosted blog. It’s also extremely flexible and can grow with you as you grow.

Creating the self-hosted WordPress blog: Now when you have chosen your platform, then the first step is to register for getting the domain name. You will need about $15 to register. We like Avoid sites like GoDaddy which study what entries you make and then double and triple the prices after the site knows what domain you really want to buy…criminal. Then you will need to get your hands on a hosting plan.

There are many companies that offer good hosting services, so you will have to invest time and effort to figure out these companies. After all our experience, we’ve found that small personal companies are the way to go, but you might pay a bit more for the monthly expense. You will, though, have someone to talk to should something go wrong.

Go for a hosting company that offers a clean interface so that it is not much of a problem to find your way around. It would be preferable to go for a hosting service that offers you a free domain for life. One service called ehost is a good start because they have this one click WordPress Installation feature. Visit the website of selected hosting service, give the payment, and your blog is ready to go live. It sounds confusing at first but you will figure it out. Promise!

Make sure that you follow the given instructions for creating your blog. It is truly the perfect to introduce your business to your online audience, and you might get potential leads in this process as well so do not miss out on this opportunity at all. Your blog will help you to advertise your green products and world-changing consultancy services perfectly.

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A Wind Tree for the future Tue, 10 Jan 2017 14:31:59 +0000

Imagine a beautifully designed tree that you can place outside your house or look at in public spaces and that, when blown by the wind, produces enough energy to light your place up. That’s right; wind turbines can now have a different size and be harmonically integrated within the landscape. So instead of the huge wind turbines we are used to imagine when we think of the machines that create this type of energy we can now think of something different: a beautiful green and white tree that has its own small leaf-shaped turbines and a power output of 3.1 KW. Inspired by nature and its wisdom, this Wind Tree is the new option to fight climate change and other negative effects that conventional fuels have on our environment.


Led by Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, French company NewWind has conceived a design that brings together sustainable energy with beauty and emotion. Made with 72 turbines containing “Aeroleafs”, “L’Arbre à Vent” measures 8 to 11 meters and is capable of lighting 15 streetlights, 100 meters of space office, 71 parking spots, an electric car or the filtration system of a pool for a whole year. And so, with an engaging biomimetic design, these wind trees last close to 25 years, are completely silent – thus not invasive – and close to no permits are needed to install them.

To imagine that a single three represents 864kg of coal and 15 15-litre jerry cans of fuel is reason enough to consider it a fantastic option to slow down the inevitable effects that energy based on carbon-based fuels are having on our environment. As a matter of fact, these Wind Trees have already been installed in Paris, in Place de la Concorde. Allegedly, Michaud-Larivière actually got inspiration from real trees he saw in a Parisian plaza, which leaves kept shaking despite the absence of wind. Small wind currents seemed to him enough to produce energy, and the L’Arbre à Vent have proved this right.

Although the amount of trees needed to produce the same output as huge wind turbines is high, the truth is that if propagated in the right time frame, soon many households could depend on these bio designed Wind Trees, and the mid-term positive results of these would be outstanding. Also, they are designed in a way that if a turbine stops working the rest will continue to produce energy.

Wind energy is a clean fuel source, so its benefits are uncountable when we compare it to other types of fuels. Moreover, all countries have wind, which means that each nation has the ability of producing its own wind energy. It is also cost effective. So, in addition to other ways of protecting the environment we live in, including finding ways to stop fracking (many stars have actually come together against it on the platform Artists Against Fracking), using solar-powered panels in our households, or simply by having vegetarian diets like top celebrities do, also in an attempt to raise awareness about how this can have a positive impact on climate change (by reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by cattle), a wind-energy powered city is an attainable dream that could help fix many of the environmental issues we are currently facing.

NewWind expects to be installing its trees around Europe soon, both in public and privates spaces. We can also hope that this new sustainable technology arrives to the Middle East, where many countries included more turbines over the last year. A future in which we can breathe fresh air and enjoy nature without having to give up the comforts of modern society is no longer an impossible dream.

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Sustainable investing, not just a dream for 2017 Sun, 08 Jan 2017 10:24:28 +0000 seed bank, palestinian seeds, heirloom seeds, seeds for the future

Today smart investors can tell you the difference between a seed bank and an investment bank.

Eco banking, or green investing. It seems to have reached the top of its hype around 2008, or around the time when Coldplay said it would plant a tree for every album sold or downloaded. It was also around the time when the notion of carbon credits would work for our system –– that companies would pay others to make their businesses carbon neutral, and less damaging to the atmosphere by way of greenhouse has emissions.

But since then the topic has petered away. Did those trees that Coldplay planet ever grow? Who thought about the cost of maintaining those $1 trees every year? Then there was the catastrophic losses in clean tech investment, making cleantech a pariah for the has-beens or could have beens green energy companies. Solar energy investments tanked. Wind, ethanol and all the other promises made by a bandwagon of companies didn’t hold true, so investors held off.

Why did this happen? And what can we learn? Should all bets be off and business be as usual? Of course not! We can learn that the 2007 era was a time when companies were being built by stock brokers and hedge fund managers, many of them money men, hoping to cash in on the lucrative grants and feed-in tariff guarantees that governments and cities offered to help them go green. They had no clue about the environment on a deep level.

egyptian solar energy for residential consumers

But the green or clean tech companies that survived until today are different. These ones are led by a more educated group of people who understand what triple bottom line means. They read books. They make news and they know who Rachel Carson is and they know what Cradle to Cradle means. Ask a solar energy/clean tech someone in the 2007, and you’d be surprised to see how little any of these guys knew about sustainability. I know because I was there. And I say guys because a strong majority of them were men. One company I interviewed didn’t know what greenhouse gases were. No joke.

But we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s 2017 and we are a lot smarter about investing today. But so are the companies changing our world for the good. We are also a lot smarter with technologies (like core banking) and the way we manage our portfolios.

According to numerous reports, including a recent one in Forbes, green or sustainable investing can help you meet your portfolio goals without sacrificing your bottom line return on investment. The investment magazine cites a newly published report from the US SIF (The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment), which found that every dollar invested in sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) assets – and that amounts to $8.72 trillion as of 2016 – is 33% higher than it was in 2014. What this means is that every $1 out of every $4.6 under professional money management in the US is now invested in SRI strategies.

american money

This approach, the report concludes includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors or a mission in investing in sustainable areas. And being a part of this mission will not affect your returns. Here’s why. According to the Forbe’s article:

Firms that pursue better ESG practices have higher quality management and better stock performance.  Modern portfolio theory says that if an investor limits the pool of possible securities to choose from, the probability of maximizing returns for a given level of risk is reduced. But limiting the pool of possible securities based on ESG criteria has the opposite effect. The reason is that ESG criteria are key indicators of management quality, which helps avoid stock specific risk in a market with imperfect and asymmetric information.”

Other factors that mitigate risk is management quality and services. Today’s managers demand jobs with meaning and higher purpose which affects their operational efficiencies. They simply are motivated to make more money so they can keep making the world a better place. It’s motivating!

And the research coming out of academia supports this theory was well, including a 2014 paper from Oxford University that according to Forbes, “concluded that 90% of the studies demonstrated that sound sustainability standards lowered companies’ cost of capital, 80% of the studies observed that stock performance and good sustainability practices are positively correlated, and 88% of the studies showed that robust ESG practices improved companies’ operational performance.”

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Arctic ice melt is rocking world weather Sun, 08 Jan 2017 08:48:36 +0000 polar

Polar vortex, the term attributed to the recent frigid weather patterns that recently put much of North America, Europe and even the Middle East into the deep freeze, is now slated to become even more frequent, due to the increasing melt-down of the earth’s Arctic ice cap. The polar bears are moving south and if you are living in a warm or tropical country, now might be a good time to get a second citizenship!

This phenomena is caused by a weakening of the normal jet stream air currents that encircle the earth’s arctic regions, due to higher than average summer temperatures. As a result, these “meandering” jet stream air currents are now dipping into the more southern regions, bringing with them frigid Arctic air.

Fortunately, these polar air dips usually last only a week or two; but they are intense enough to make northern American cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York City experience frigid temperatures of well below zero; often combined with heavy snowfall and strong winds. Many European cities experience intense these winter weather bouts as well. Climatologists and other scientists studying the adverse weather patterns are now tying these jet stream dips to faster than expected melting of Arctic ice, especially in the polar region.

polar vortex is making crazy weather

Melting polar ice fields are exposing more of the dark Arctic Ocean surface, which absorbs more sunlight, resulting in an even more accelerated melting factor. The result are increased ocean temperatures, which  cause the newer layers of Arctic ice to melt even faster.

snow on the western wall, jerusalem

Many climatologists are now attributing this to mankind’s continued reliance on fossil fuels, combined with other human influenced depletions of the earth’s natural environment. In regions such as the Middle East, people now experience more adverse weather patterns, including crazy summer “heat domes” that will make many areas (like Jerusalem above) uninhabitable by 2100.

polar vortex, arctic weather change

“We are now in “uncharted territory,” says Prof Jennifer Francis, an Arctic climate expert at Rutgers University in the US. “These rapid changes in the Arctic are affecting weather patterns where you live right now.”

Read more on human caused climate change issues:
It’s not the tide. It’s not the wind. It’s us.
Will the polar vortex “dip” freeze the Middle East?
Time to Adapt to Climate Change

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New UAE Food Bank aims for full bellies and zero waste Fri, 06 Jan 2017 18:18:56 +0000 food bank UAEGreen Prophet recently posted about 2017 being the Chinese year of the monkey, but the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has instead declared it the ‘Year of Giving’.  H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and UAE VP, has launched the non-profit UAE Food Bank, which will distribute unused food from commercial sources to those in need. It aims to make Dubai the first Middle East city to reach zero food waste.

According to a statement released by the Media Office, the new organization will working in partnership “with hotels and restaurants, food-manufacturing companies and supermarkets and introduce a process of preserving, storing and packaging the food, with the goal to optimize usage and achieve zero waste.” Sheikh Mohammed’s wife, Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum, will chair its board of trustees.

The action plan is straightforward:

  • Dubai Municipality will give operational support – collecting, packaging, storing and distributing the food.
  • Trained volunteers will support activities at all Food Bank locations. They will also collect surplus food from the appointed authorities, and distribute it to those in need, in and outside the UAE.
  • The Food Bank will also recycle the remnants of inedible food for re-use as nonconsumable products, as example, for agricultural fertilizer and as feedstock for scientific research.
  • Food Bank partners and participants will adhere to “an integrated mechanism for food preservation”, based on international food safety guidelines and best practices.
  • The operation will start in Dubai and then expand to underdeveloped communities beyond the UAE.

“The Year of Giving provides a golden opportunity for UAE citizens and institutions to maximise their philanthropic potential by launching humanitarian initiatives. We chose ‘food’ as our first initiative as it is one of the most basic human needs,” Sheikh Mohammed explained. “Through the UAE Food Bank, we aim to instill the value of giving deep in the hearts of our people.”

“We are also inspired by the boundless generosity of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan,” he added, “especially during the month of Ramadan, when he provides meals to millions of underprivileged people daily. The UAE Food Bank seeks to immortalize these values in future generations by engaging community-based volunteers and organisations so that the spirit of philanthropy spreads beyond the borders of the UAE as the Year of Giving unfolds.”

Dubai’s hospitality industry is robust, with a clear focus on delivering top-class eating experiences. According to calculations by TOPHOTELPROJECTS, which tracks worldwide first-class and luxury hotel construction projects, Dubai’s hotel rooms will reach more than 100,000 by 2020, when the emirate hosts the World Expo. Food waste on a grand scale is inevitable, now estimated to cost the emirate over USD $3.5 billion each year.

Last June, Ivano Ianelli, CEO of Dubai Carbon, reported that “an average person in Europe generates around 1.2kg of waste a day, which is less than half the per capita waste generation of 2.7kg per day in the UAE. This doubles to 5.4kg a day during Ramadan in the UAE. Clearly this is something that needs to be addressed.”

The UAE has previously tackled waste caused by public phobia about ‘sell-by” dates, and in 2012 initiated a program to encourage mall operators to segregate organic waste from general trash thereby minimizing the material slated for landfills and streamlining municipal waste management. But the emirate remains alongside Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait when it comes to unecessary food waste. The Food Bank holds potential to place the emirate as a regional and world leader in creative solutions to both food poverty and waste control.





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UAE bans private ownership of wild and exotic animals Fri, 06 Jan 2017 14:45:47 +0000 UAE bans wild animals

Starting January 28, it will be the year of the monkey as per the Chinese calendar, but in the United Arab Emirates it will be time for cheetahs, leopards and many other exotic animals to celebrate.  A newly passed law renders possession of “all types of wild and domesticated but dangerous animals” as a pet illegal, according to Dubai-based Gulf News.

Effective immediately, The Law on Regulation of Ownership of Dangerous Animals requires that only licensed zoos, wildlife parks, circuses, breeding and research centers may keep wild or exotic animals.

May seem intuitive that wild, and often carnivorous, large animals vulnerable to unpredictable behavior are best cared for by professionals. But throughout the Gulf nations, owning exotic pets is seen as a symbol of power and wealth. Who hasn’t seen images on social media of a lion riding shotgun in a young Saudi’s gold-plated luxury car? Look at the Instagram account of the Crown Prince of Dubai, shown below, who often posts pictures of his adorable baby big cats.  

UAE bans wild animals

In March, a tiger was spotted weaving through bumper-to-bumper traffic on a busy Doha, Qatar highway (image below).  A commuter filmed the animal’s antics and posted it on Twitter, garnering its own hashtag (@DohaTiger), and prompting one viewer to complain, “This obsession of keeping wild animals by rich kids in the Gulf has gone too far.”  In Qatar, it is illegal to keep a tiger as a pet, and social media users were quick to point out the owner would be in trouble once officials uncovered his identity. But, according to the Convention on the Illegal Trade of Endangered Species, complaints of wild animals as pets in Qatar are on the rise.

tiger doha streetBack in the UAE, officials urge the public to report cases of pet wild animals. Get caught with a leopard on a leash or a cougar on a chain, or any other kind of exotic animal at home or in public, and face a jail term of up to six months, or a fine of up to $136,000, or both.

Penalties are more severe for anyone who uses an animal to frighten or attack another person, including a jail term up to seven years for an attack resulting in physical disability, and life imprisonment if the victim dies.

UAE bans wild animalsThe new ruling also requires all imported animals to be registered and carry official Cites (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certificates as well as standard UAE veterinary certificates.  Beginning in June, dog owners must keep their pets leashed when in public, and hold valid animal permits  indicating that the animals are up-to-date in required vaccinations.

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Moving to Qatar? For the eco-friendly expat Wed, 04 Jan 2017 19:02:18 +0000 qatar, solar panel factory, first solar panel factory middle east, qatar fossil fuels, natural gas producer, middle east solar, clean tech, green tech, renewable energy, PV, solar

Qatar possesses a great deal of opportunity for expats. There are so many positions opening up catering to expats in that the country is expanding a great deal. This is particularly true in the International Business and Educational fields. Qatar offers very impressive salaries, which can seem immediately appealing to expats; however, expats have to crunch the numbers carefully in order to ascertain whether living in Qatar will allow them to possess the lifestyle that they are expecting.

Additionally, there are several cultural factors that must be considered in order to ascertain whether Qatar is the proper choice for one’s expat experience. Be sure to consider the factors below when contemplating whether Qatar has everything that you are looking for as an expat:

Cost of Living in Relation to High Salary

Sure, the salaries are quite high in Qatar; however, the cost of living does match the salary. What is important to remember with this is that there are ways to live quite well in Qatar. The key to achieving this is going to be to obtain a very high salaried position in Qatar. Once this occurs, you will be able to live a very nice and high quality of life in Qatar as an expat.

Full International Schools

Since so many companies are hiring expats in Qatar due to the expanding economy, the current international schools are filling up and having waiting lists. Be sure to consider this before relocating your family to Qatar. If you fail to do so, you may not be able to find a school that has the educational qualifications that you are looking for. While more schools are being established in Qatar to address this issue, the solution is not something that will be readily available.

Work Visas and Employer Control

When being invited to Qatar as an employee, it is important to understand that your work visa gives your employer much more power than it does in other countries. What this means is that your employer has to ask permission every time you leave the country. This then means that you have to ask permission every time you want to leave the country. This can be quite problematic because it will create a tense situation with so much riding on your work visa and job.

Another important factor to consider in terms of your work visa is that it is very difficult to change your work visa when you are hired for another job. Given that there is so much economic activity going on in Qatar right now, it is important to consider how to exit your work contract and visa in order to be able to keep your options open. Qatar is notorious for being far more difficult than other countries.


A Palace for Nature, Qatar architecture, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, solar power, water scarcity Middle East, botanical oasis, daylighting, energy efficient design, recycled gray water, on-site desalination

Qatar is a very eco-friendly green which puts a great deal of resources of green and sustainable building. The Qatar Green Building Society is very pro-active, and extremely well-funded, and thus, has reached incredible achievements in changing Qatar’s landscape and tradition. Qatar’s biggest “western” attraction, being large, cooled, malls, are now promoting green lifestyle, and even the 2022 World Cup stadium is built with special attention to sustainability.

Adapting to the Muslim Culture

Qatar passivhaus

While Qatar is known for being one of the more moderate Muslim countries, Qatar does have Muslim citizens and enforces some Sharia law and Muslim principles. For expats who are unaware of what this means, they have to understand that only certain five star hotels will have licenses to sell alcohol and that pork will also be difficult to come by, while gambling is totally out of the question (locals use high volatility investing instead – read more here).

Expats who are women should know that they are not required to wear a hijab. In fact, Qatar is one of the more liberal countries when it comes to Western women. That being said, it is important to note that women should dress more conservatively and not show too much skin in Qatar in order to avoid any possible negative experience. This is particularly true during the month of Ramadan where the laws are the strictest.


A Palace for Nature, Qatar architecture, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, solar power, water scarcity Middle East, botanical oasis, daylighting, energy efficient design, recycled gray water, on-site desalination

Qatar is in a spectacular location because it is close to many famous countries in the Middle East. Additionally, Qatar is quite close to Africa for tourism. For families that want a home base that is closer to areas of the world that are quite far to fly from from their home country for vacation, Qatar has many flights all over the globe, and one of the best airlines there are.


The local currency is Qatari Riyal which is considered as an exotic currency. That means banks charge a lot more on exchanging foreign currency into it (and from it). Banks can be very expensive for expats in Qatar and they often use specialised services like Currencies Direct’s service.

Final Remarks on the Subject

All in all, Qatar offers a very unique experience to expats. The fascinating language and culture is a great aspect to explore for expats in that they get to see a part of the world that is usually entire different from their home country. From the eco-friendliness perspective, it is an absolute world leader.

Qatar absolutely has its appeal; however, it is important to remember that there are certain pitfalls to be aware of so that the prospective expat does not face any unexpected and unfortunate surprises.

This is particularly related to the high cost of living and work visa that is greatly controlled by one’s employer. Should the expat be able to adapt to these issues, there is an absolute possibility that Qatar will be a spectacular experience to be had living in Qatar as an expat.

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Refugees plant roots in world’s first hydroponic community garden –– in Tel Aviv Wed, 04 Jan 2017 08:53:07 +0000 hydroponic vertical farming tel aviv israel

No matter where you roam, by choice or for political reasons, food brings us all back home. It’s like a time machine that transports us backwards to memories of our mothers and fathers. Or forwards when we share food traditions: A new project in a troubled neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, Neve Sha’anan, is attempting to connect people to their food traditions using hydroponics, a novel and sustainable way for community gardening.

The neighborhood is problematic as is it’s low-income and has attracted dozens of thousands of refugees and migrants from East Africa. It’s causing political tension in the city by Israelis who believe the refugees are bringing crime into the city. Some “refugees” are seeking political asylum. Others are legal migrant workers and others in the hood are native Israelis born into a hard scrabble life.

The idea of the new project Rooftop Gardens, is to connect all the parts of this troubled community to one common denominator: real food from home.

hydroponic vertical farming tel aviv israel

Leading the project is Lavi Kushelevich (pictured above). He’s an urban farming consultant leading more than a handful of projects to rejuvenate Tel Aviv – including Green in the City –  and to turn it into a food-producing engine.

There are many benefits to this, Lavi will explain.

hydroponic vertical farming tel aviv israel

It is possible to grow food close to where we live, even when home is a concrete jungle or apartment building.

Since urban soil is contaminated with lead and other heavy metals, the best solution for growing food sustainably in cities is using a soil-less system, also known as hydroponics. Hydroponics requires treated water and a basic circulation system to work well. It’s actually a fast way to grow tasty, fresh food if you know how to handle some parameters like water chemistry and other environmental factors.

We spoke with Lavi about the project.

hydroponic vertical farming tel aviv israelThe first hydroponic garden has been built in the most difficult neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, on the most difficult street. The building is mixed with many cultures: Eritreans, Nigerians, Sudanese, Chinese, people from Darfur, Israelis – many languages and cultures. The objective is to make the apartment a food garden with tastes from home to connect residents to each other as a community, Lavi explains.

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hydroponic vertical farming tel aviv israel

“It’s like the Tower of Babylon. They speak so many languages in that building and now they have a reason to communicate,” says Lavi.

The group currently meets formally on Saturdays, and showing up is also volunteers from the City of Tel Aviv to those from NGOs, and anyone interested in learning about this way of community gardening.

hydroponic vertical farming tel aviv israel

“Now these people who are outsiders are given a chance to talk and the Israelis can see that they aren’t monsters,” says Lavi. “That’s so beautiful. And it’s fun being on the roof.

“We have now given the residents tools to grow their own food. And taught them about hydroponics, while we bring them seedlings with tastes of flavours from all over the world where these people once called home.”

Learn more here on their Facebook page

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