5 Must-See Green & Tech Travel Stops at Israeli Kibbutzes

In past Green Prophet articles, we’ve visted Kibbutzes in Israel’s Negev region — ones involved in environmental and renewable energy projects. Negev’s Arava- Arabah in Arabic –  region north of Eilat) we take you on a journey visiting 5 of them. While some of these are specializing in one type of project, like solar energy, others […]


Baby Crocodile Boards EgyptAir Flight

If until now you worried about carbon offsets for your international flights, you may want to add baby crocodiles to the list of concerns. On Friday, a foot-long croc was found scurrying down the aisles of an EgyptAir flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo. The Emirati paper The National reports that EgyptAir has claimed the […]


WWOOF Your Way to Organic Food in the Middle East

If you think that WWOOF is the sound that a dog makes… well, you’re right.  But it also stands for “Willing Workers On Organic Farms,” or “World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.”  So keep your ears tuned in for that term, because the WWOOF movement is spreading globally – including right here in the Middle East. […]


Live Like A Bedouin and Save Water at Chan HaShayarot

(A bird’s eye view of Chan HaShayarot) We’ve already learned about immersion Arabic in a solar Bedouin village in Israel. Here’s another eco-tourism stop: located in the Negev, just south of Sde Boker, the Chan HaShayarot provides guests with a true Bedouin experience including camel rides, Bedouin food, and the option of sleeping in a […]


IDF Says Birds, Not Guns in Northern Reserve

According to Haaretz, the Israeli army has decided to limit its activities in the Hermon Mountain nature preserve in the country’s North to give local animals and flowers a break. We’ve written on these pages about the IDF’s bleak environmental record and its previous attempts to go green.


Palestinians Support Dead Sea for Wonder of the World

Although the Palestinian Authority had previously opposed nominating the salty lake that borders the West Bank, Israel and Jordan as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, Haaretz reports that as of today, the PA is on board. The New Seven Wonders is an international Internet voting competition that seeks to raise environmental […]


David de Rothschild Sails Away To Plastic Island

Built from plastic bottles the de Rothschild heir sails his boat to show plastic island and marine pollution.  David de Rothschild is no ordinary person; and certainly no ordinary adventurer. And his next adventure is something probably only the very rich could dream to do: The son of Britain’s Evelyn de Rothschild of the famous […]


Eco-Kibbutz Lotan Rolls Out Two Green Programs

Tucked deep into the Arava desert at the southeastern border of Israel, Kibbutz Lotan‘s Center for Creative Ecology has announced two programs for the late summer and fall, including detailed information for funding on its Web site. The first is the Peace, Justice and Environment course, which is run in conjunction with the Living Routes […]


Turkey Takes Bold Stance Against Coastline Development

The Turkish Tourism and Culture Ministry is turning the western Bodrum Peninsula into an official tourism site. The peninsula, located not far from the city of Izmir, will not be turned into a “concrete jungle” the ministry head, Ertuğrul Günay assured concerned residents. Known for its natural beauty, Gunay went on to say “some think […]


Climate Change Kills 160 Syrian Villages

If we’d thought that talk about global warming in the Middle East should stay in the future tense, news from Syria suggests a lot is going to change in these parts, and fast. A climate change domino effect has caused the eco-migration of villagers from their homes in about 160 Syrian villages, reports the AFP. Reporting […]


Peace Cycle Takes Bikers Through West Bank

We’ve posted here before about a Walk About Love, a hike for Israel and a bike ride to benefit Israel’s environment. This October, get a more regional view through Peace Cycle, a bike trip from Amman to Jerusalem. While the rough terrain and stunning views will certainly be rewarding, Peace Cycle’s main purpose is activism […]


UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Declared in Syria and Lebanon

Jabal Moussa, Jordan So we all know that the Middle East is biospherically fascinating, but at the ongoing meeting of the UN International Coordinating Council of the Man and Biosphere last Tuesday, UNESCO took notice as well, adding more Middle Eastern sites to UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves. In fact, for the first time, […]


Photo: Sandstorm Strikes Israel

I remember the day when it rolled in early in May, or hit us rather, like a wall. Sandstorms are common in Israel and the Middle East. This awesome force of nature is best witnessed by this aerial photo taken by Yonatan Zur. We wonder if these kind of events will increase with climate change? […]