Book Review: Plastiki – Across The Pacific Ocean On Plastic

A good friend of David de Rothschild’s, Treehugger founder Graham Hill takes the Plastiki helm Theirs was one of 2010’s most talked-about, scoffed-about, and dreamed-about adventures: sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a boat made from plastic. Spontaneously envisioned to save our oceans from plastic pollution created by a now global society of waste, the […]

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Book Review: Animals in Islamic Tradition and Muslim Culture


Arwa reviews the book by Richard C. Foltz, Animals in Islamic Tradition and Muslim Culture, Oneworld Publications Following the controversy during Eid Al-adha and allegations of animal mistreatment in Egypt, I found myself questioning how my faith which teaches compassion towards animals could become so inextricably linked to clear animal abuses. Islam, despite what many […]

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“Green Deen” Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Connects Environmentalism With Islam

Brooklyn born Ibrahim Abdal-Matin was raised on Islamic environmentalism and that the "earth is a mosque". His passionate voice has been translated into his brilliant book, "Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Environment," in which he educates us on greening our lives and faith. Read more on how we can do that.

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American Wasteland’s Jonathan Bloom Shows Creative Ways to Reduce Food Waste


Jonathan Bloom, author of “American Wasteland,” explains why the environmental impact of food waste is rarely acknowledged. Because most food decomposes into the ground (even McDonald’s), people assume that leftover food makes a small impact. But by the time food reaches our table, it has already used enormous amounts of natural resources for growing, harvesting, […]

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Pauline Wafts Through “Uses & Abuses of Plant-Derived Smoke”


Pauline discovers in her review of “Uses & Abuses of Plant-Derived Smoke” that there is more to plant-based smoke than meets the eye. Read on for details. You’ve heard of tobacco and cannabis but what about jimsonweed or torchwood?  This book demonstrates that there’s a lot more to smoke created from plant material than just […]

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Clare Wanders The Woods With Ben Law In ‘The Woodland Year’


More green wisdom from the United Kingdom: this week Clare unravels the many reasons to celebrate and cherish woodlands. Anne Frank found solace in the giant Chestnut tree that stood outside her home, while a Moroccan activist risked arrest to protect a precious stand of Cedar trees. And in Israel, to the outrage of Omer’s […]

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