100 Lebanese recipes on an iPhone

Classic Lebanese recipes for a tiny token price. Green Prophet has covered at least a dozen recipes from Lebanon. And now the LebGuide site is featuring a culinary opportunity — 100 classic Lebanese recipes you can download to your iPod or iPhone for $1.00. Very delicious! You must download iTunes in order to download the recipes. […]


3 Ways to Cook With Fennel

Miriam offers three recipes for the liquorice-flavored fennel. From spring to the onset of fall, wild fennel Ferula communis waves feathery leaves and bright yellow flowers in open fields all over Israel. The aromatic seed-like fruit are sometimes used as seasonings (read about uses for fennel seeds in Part II of our spice medicines series). […]


RECIPE: Home-Pickled Olives

The tastiest olives are the ones you pickle yourself. Read on for ways of upgrading store bought olives too. Olives are eaten with almost every meal in the Middle East, sometimes even at breakfast. Organically grown olives are the most delicious. Dried and salty or plump and succulent, glowing in gem-like green, black, brown, and […]


Spinach and Mushroom Soup recipe

Cook up a potful of fresh spinach soup for healthy winter comfort food. Or add tofu and it works as a whole meal in the summer. Cool, moist weather makes winter  prime season for leafy greens in the Middle East, and spinach is one of Green Prophet’s favorites. As with our creamy eggplant soup, it’s […]

Weather Damage Raises Food Prices in Israel

Harsh winter storms have damaged crops in Israel to the tune of $5.5 million, according to Meir Ifrah, CEO of the Vegetable Growers Association. The recent drought had already damaged local produce. See our post on Israel’s shriveled vegetables here. Prices are close to double what they were last year at this time. Growing your […]


RECIPE: Saudi Arabian Spiced Eggs

Spice up your breakfast egg with this easy recipe from Saudi Arabia. Eggs are back to being the heroes of the breakfast table. Today’s wisdom decrees that one large egg daily gives you healthy amounts of  protein, vitamins and minerals – all for about 72 calories. The cholesterol in the yolk, it’s said, doesn’t raise […]


RECIPE: Sambusak, Spicy Middle Eastern Turnovers

Fancy a hot snack? Try sambusak. If you suddenly need a nosh while browsing an open-air market  (like one of these shouks), look around. You’re sure to find a sambusak stand where hungry shoppers are buying these hot, spicy pastries.  These popular turnovers also appear at wedding buffets and fancy hotel receptions. Made at home, […]


RECIPE: Moroccan Sfenj Donuts for Hannukah

Still frying for Hannukah but ready for something different? Try these light, crisp North African doughnuts. Two more candles to light for the Hannukah holiday, and maybe we’re running out of ideas for fried delicacies. Try these  Moroccan donuts. Traditionally served at family get-togethers, they’re lighter than most fried sweet things and so easy to […]


Hannukah Sufganyot (Jelly Donuts) Recipe

It’s almost Hannukah, and Hanukkah means sufganyot. Delicious jelly doughnuts dripping with jam, a once-a-year indulgence. Sufganyot weigh in at about 300 calories per wicked, tempting little piece, but who says you have to eat more than one? Consider taking our Hannukah eco-challenge, then fry some sufganyot for the kids. They have enough energy to […]


Superfoods, are they real or just a marketing ploy?

Maca, goji berries… what gives? Miriam shows how to buy local superfoods without the cost and fancy wasteful packaging. Colorful, flavorful, wonderful, natural products  crammed with every natural antioxidant, mineral, micro-nutrient, essential fatty acid and protein you can think of. And I can get them for you, too – wholesale. What? These aren’t superfoods? You’re […]


RECIPE: Turkish Meatballs And Swiss Chard

A surprising, savory green twist that takes meatballs out of the ordinary. Foodbridge, a blog featuring cross-cultural Middle Eastern recipes, was the source of this recipe. (See our review of Foodbridge here). It’s become a favorite dish in our house. Even the little ones will eat chard when it’s served with meatballs this way. Include […]


Vegetarian Haricot Bean Stew Recipe

Feel like eating something flavorful and satisfying, but not heavy? Stewed haricot beans answer your hunger – and they’re easy to make. A hearty vegetarian stew, aromatic with herbs and spices (see our series on Middle Eastern spices). Great with rice or fresh pita and a simple protein like cheese or an omelet on the […]


Israel Moving to More Natural and Organic Wines

Israel’s main wine event showed a welcome growing trend towards more natural wines. “Natural wines” are taking off in Israel. At the Sommelier wine event, held in Tel Aviv last night November 8th and continuing through today, we found that some wineries already have organic vineyards, while others are greening their production facilities through recycling […]


Green Your Thumb and Start Gardening For Food

Will we really have to face a world without humus? Green Prophet explores urban gardening to offset food shortages. Climate change has already made historical marks on the planet, but for the most part, we’ve been complacent about our food supply. Water comes out of the tap. Supermarket shelves look well stocked. We still wonder […]


Lebanese Lentil Soup recipe

What’s more comforting on a chilly day than a cup of soup? Try our twist on a traditional Lebanese recipe. When fresh vegetables are scarce in remote areas of the Middle East, people rely on dried pulses stored for the winter in ceramic jars or burlap bags. Onions harvested in summer add piquancy. Samneh, clarified […]


Labneh, The Middle Eastern Yoghurt Spread

Make your own cheese spread, Labneh. Easy and delicious! Breakfast in the Middle East. There’s black coffee. Pita. Chopped cucumbers and tomatoes. Olive oil to drizzle at will. And labneh, a thick, yoghurt-based cheese whose sour taste perfectly complements vegetables, bread like zalabya, and olive oil. Labneh is  as easy to make as our ricotta recipe. […]


Cool, thick and hot Arabic almond milk recipes

Cool, soothing raw almond milk is great for hot days. But when winter arrives, enjoy a creamy, hot, Middle Eastern version. Almond milk, while it may be killing the bees, is a vegan option for a protein drink, instead of animal milks (like camel’s milk). It’s lactose-free, has no cholesterol, and a cup contains 10 […]


Quinoa Tabouleh Salad recipe

Try a new twist on traditional tabbouleh, with quinoa instead of bulgur. Tabbouleh or tabouleh is a standard part of mezze – the array of small, piquant dishes set down on the table before a serious meal in the Middle East. Traditionally made with bulgur wheat, tabbouleh is really a cold salad packed with herbs […]