2000-Year-Old Date Pit Sprouts In Israel

Recovered from an archeological dig, an extinct date variety springs back to green life in the Arava Valley. Dates have always been a staple in the Middle Eastern diet. Mentions of them have come down from ancient times. Now the hope of actually eating the fruit of an extinct variety exists.The story goes back 2000 […]


Christians Take on Carbon Fast for Lent

Among other eco-conscious Church leaders, the Archbishop of York has gone vegan and  fair-trade for the duration of Lent. Lent, the pre-Easter season of reflection and self-examination, began this year on February 22nd and finishes on Saturday, April 3rd. Believing Christians set aside time for prayer and religious acts. One  Lenten tradition is strengthening self-discipline […]


Israeli Technology Creates The Basil Tree

Flavorful basil for cooking now grows on trees, says Hishshtil, Israeli garden and agricultural nursery. I’m used to growing a handful of basil sprouts in a window box, never enough for two batches of pesto (see our delicious pesto recipe here). It seems like a dream to stroll over to a tree and pluck off […]


Hamentaschen, Traditional Purim Cookie RECIPE

It isn’t often you can bite into a cookie with a load of ancient history behind it. Call them Hamentaschen or Oznei Haman, but make sure to bake up a batch of these traditional Purim cookies. Filled cookies and pastries echo one of Purim’s  “hidden” threads. See our previous post about the Purim story and […]


Celebrate Purim with Friendly Purim Baskets

The Jewish holiday of Purim begins this coming Wednesday night, the 7th of March. Fulfill the mitzvah of sending treats to your neighbors the green way. Purim celebrates the victory of the Jews over Haman’s “final solution,” in 356 BCE. It’s a deceptively childlike holiday. Families gather in the synagogue to hear the colorful Purim […]


Sweet And Tangy Pickled Cucumber Chips RECIPE

Few vegetables are so well-loved in the Middle East as cucumbers. This spicy cucumber pickle is delicious as an appetizer or to top your next falafel. “Cool as a cucumber” still applies when the cukes are pickled. Even when spiced and brined, cucumbers add a welcome, refreshingly piquant note to meals featuring fish, meat, and […]


Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Weekly Vegewarian Recipe

Cold weather is still calling for soup. Try this light, vegan one based on Jerusalem artichokes. Vegeware or do you identify as a climatarian? This might mean you might not be committed to vegetarianism, but are committed to doing your part by being vege “aware”. Here’s a great vegetarian recipe with in season Jerusalem artichoke […]


What’s in season February

 Late winter in the Middle East brings lower prices in the shuk. It’s strawberry time again in the Middle East. The sweet red berry’s price has come down to the point where even a careful shopper can allow herself a little indulgence. But let’s wait another 4-6 weeks for prices to fall even more; then […]


Almond Torte With Pomegranate Molasses

This elegant cake has a rich note of the Middle East in its very local ingredients. Vegewarian means choosing more non-meat options in your overall diet. I propose to add: let’s round this philosophy out out to include healthier options all around. For example, we don’t want to give sweet things up altogether, but let’s […]


Weekly Vegewarian Recipe: Asparagus and Mushroom Risotto

This creamy vegan rice dish, dotted with little chunks of aromatic asparagus, satisfies the taste for something substantial and savory. Asparagus has been in the markets for some time in the Middle East. It’s worth buying it for this low-fat, creamy risotto. And don’t forget another great vegan recipe – Chickpea and Artichoke Salad. Two […]


Tu B’Shvat Ecology Study Opportunities, 2012

The 15th day of the Jewish month of Shavat signals the launching of new Jewish eco-education programs. A potent mystical, ecological, legal and historical mix  runs through Tu B’Shvat, a date known as the New Year For The Trees. For more on the meaning of Tu B’Shvat, read this post. According to Jewish tradition, it’s […]


Israel Relaxes Regulations On Medical Marijuana

Cannabis is known to give blessed relief from the pain of cancer. Yet the plant helps people suffering from many other ailments, such as multiple sclerosis, colitis, neurological pain, and post-trauma stress disorder. Until now, the herb has not been in the first line of treatment for chronic pain. Rather, conventional medicine has viewed it […]


Vegan Chickpea and Artichoke Salad (RECIPE)

A hearty vegan warm salad, perfect for winter. Chickpeas are a perennial favorite in the Middle East. Their earthy flavor is always wisely paired with something sharp, like onions, as in our chickpea sambusak recipe, or with lemon. And happily, artichokes are in season now. The two star in a hearty vegan salad that combines […]


Study Links Fluoride to Cardiovascular Disease

New study shows connection between fluoride consumption and hardening of the arteries. Our previous post on fluoride brought up some startling facts on the dangers lurking in our water. Water laced with fluoride, that is. The list of ills associated with fluoridated water is long and scary: Alzheimer’s, asthma, cancer, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction are among […]


Vimto’s Moldy Soft Drink Recalled in Dubai

Dubai Municipality seizes thousands of Vimto soft drink bottles infested with floating fungi. Vimto is the Middle East’s favorite soft drink. It’s especially appreciated as an instant energy boost after the daily fast during Ramadan month. We’re well aware that juice and sugary soft drinks increase risk of liver damage. To compound the soft-drink danger in […]


Stevia Sweeteners Now Approved in Israel

No-calories, almost no side effects, and naturally sweet. Israel, meet stevia. Israel’s Ministry of Health approved the use of powdered stevia herb as a natural “table sweetener,” says Israel Solodoch, director of Nufar Natural Products, Israel’s main supplier of stevia-based products. Known in Central and South America for centuries, the sweet leaf has gained popularity […]