Scientists Dig Into Dead Sea To Provide Earth Clues

Scientists are coring into the Dead Sea floor to reveal more about regional climate change and earthquakes over time. Five hundred thousand years of Earth’s history is expected to be bored out of the Dead Sea, reports UPI. A multi-national team of scientists have started drilling from a platform near the Dead Sea resort of […]


Egyptian Dolphin Dealer Attacks Activist With Pitbull?

The plot thickens as dolphin dealer holding dolphins in filthy swimming pool, allegedly attacks Animal Planet/The Cove’s Richard O’Barry (above). Even environmental and animal welfare activists are not immune from attacks by Egyptian thugs. According to the Earth Island Institute’s Facebook page, The Cove’s Richard O’Barry was “attacked by [Egyptian] thugs” in Egypt’s Red Sea […]


Egypt & Bahrain Pin Hopes On Joint Desalination Projects

Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources sees desalination as a solution to future water shortages. Egypt and Bahrain are looking at a cooperation agreement that will enable both countries to develop water desalination projects between the two countries, Egypt’s water resources and irrigation ministry confirmed to Bikya Masr on Tuesday. “We believe that the future water […]


Climbing God’s Mountain in Sinai

The ultimate “spiritual” and ecological experience – climbing the mountain where Moses was believed to have received the 10 commandments. In the heart of the Sinai Peninsula lies the biblical mountain that Moses supposedly received the Ten Commandments from God thousands of years ago. When Moses went to traverse the sharp edges of the mountain […]

Tel-Aviv’s $60 Million Eco-Office Tower A Go

Tel Aviv’s first ‘green’ office tower uses recycled, sustainable and domestic building materials and ecological maintenance procedures for a long-term low impact on nature. Israel’s scarce water and energy resources were foremost in the minds of constructors Ronen and Alon Azouri when they designed Tel Aviv’s first ‘green’ office tower. Using recycled sustainable and/or domestic […]


Worldwide Seed And Gene Banks Are “Libraries Of Life”

As populations surge and climate change destroys existing crops, seed and gene banks prepare us for potential food-shortage emergencies. As we learned when fires raging through Russia destroyed wheat crops, countries all along the food chain, including Egypt, feel the pinch, though climate change is not all that puts at risk Israel’s tomato, cucumber, and […]


Intel Israel Is LEED’s Golden Child

Think of Israel and high tech, and the first word that pops into most minds is…Intel. Since setting up shop in the country in 1974, Intel Israel has been responsible for developing the Pentium and Centrino chips which power most PCs around the world. But in the future, if you put together Intel and Israel, […]