UN: Innovation needed to feed people of the future

Strong crop yields, higher productivity and slower growth in global demand should contribute to a gradual decline in real prices for agricultural products over the coming decade, but nonetheless, prices will likely remain at levels above those in the early-2000s, according to the latest Agricultural Outlook report produced by the OECD and the United Nation’s Food […]


Meet the man who cooks with the sun

Here’s a story about ingenuity and creativity.  About a man who uses a solar cooker to prepare meals. If you wish, you can see it as a testament to how the human spirit prevails even under the toughest conditions.  If you’re willing, you can see it as an opportunity, a mutual interest, or a proposition […]


Car drifter king goes to prison in Saudi Arabia

If you've never been to a Gulf-region country - be prepared to scratch your head over the deadly past-time called drifting. The idea is to take your cars out of their carports and then drive your car as fast as possible on the highway, slam on the breaks and then attempt to frighten onlookers and fellow drivers on the road by drifting or sliding your car towards them. People sometimes get killed or badly injured.


Hookah steam stones loaded with carcinogens

Hookah, shisha, or smoking the nargila is a staple of any Middle Eastern experience. But more and more research suggests that this form of smoking is more damaging than regular cigarette smoking. Send this one to all your pipe smoking friends. Hookah pipes don’t use filters so you are potentially inhaling a lot more particulate […]


The state of solar power in the Middle East

The unveiling of Dubai’s rooftop solar project during March 2015 is one of many steps the emirate is taking in order to grow a domestic market regarding solar technology and usage. It is clear from these actions that the emirate is setting out to be greener and cleaner. At the same time, it is obvious […]


Indoor air pollution and the ugly corners it lurks

Earlier this month mothers everywhere reeled over hearing about the baby who died from his neighbor’s unlaw pesticide use. While it’s an extreme example, it’s very worth remembering that just because you are inside does not make you free from air pollution caused by cars, industry, and by pest control. On a darker level, indoor air […]


Sustainable and safe fun at sea

With the weather heating up more people are going to be heading to the sea for a big cool down. Boating, jetskiing, sailing, paragliding at sea. Spending the day at sea is a very low-carbon footprint activity, and it can be greener – especially if you make your own natural tea sunscreen (check out our […]


Palestinian planned city Rawabi gets water link

It’s a first for Palestinians in the West Bank – a planned city that from the ground up has been modelled to be a sustainable home for future generations of Palestinians in the West Bank, Palestinian Authority. Last week the city Rawabi was officially hooked up to its lifeline, Israeli water support, and soon will […]


Will the next Bill Gates be from Ras Al Khaimah?

In a bid to make the future of the United Arab Emirates more sustainable Google has recently sponsored a local community project called Innovation Hub. While the UAE is far from being a Startup Nation like its Middle East neighbour Israel, the new UAE hub will train young people and teachers in the region in […]


Stopping energy leaks in the Middle East

Winter has rolled around again in the Middle East. The colder fronts have moved in, the winds are blowing, and the rains have started – again. After 105 degree heat in summer, it’s hard for us to remember how cold it can really get. And after months of dry spells, that we can suddenly see […]