How to improve your health by consuming Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is one of those things we are boosting at any sign of getting sick. But is your Vitamin C from the internet a real or fake? Make sure you order from a reputable source. 

Covid-19 created an atmosphere of fear. Most of us are worried for our lives. The truth is dwelling over the problem will not help anyone. We need to adopt a proactive approach to deal with this pandemic. The doctors are emphasizing the fact that we need to take food items which will help to boost our immunity.

Vitamin C is the talk of the town. The reason is that it helps to boost our immunity. First, we need to identify the food items that can provide us a natural source of Vitamin C.

Foods that offer Vitamin C

The good news is that there are many flavorful food items that provide a natural source of Vitamin C.  Orange tops the list. Even if you take half a cup of orange juice daily, you can look forward to a sufficient supply of Vitamin C.

Raw tomatoes, green pepper and cooked Broccoli also has Vitamin C. You can be innovative with your cooking and include Broccoli in your dishes. Baked potato does not only work well for the diet conscious people but it is a good source of Vitamin C also.

A single cup of strawberries also gives you a sufficient supply of Vitamin C. You can add them in your desserts or enjoy this fruit without any add-ons.

There are some facts about Vitamin C that you must keep in mind. When you take Vitamin C under 250 mg, then the absorption rate is about 80%. However, when you take Vitamin C more than 250 mg, then the absorption rate is about 50%.

Vitamin C which does not get absorbed will get excreted through your urine. Remember, if you are using natural sources of Vitamin C, then they last only a few hours in your bloodstream.  Well, this is why you need to replenish your body again with this Vitamin the next day.

Other sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C injections have an improved absorption rate. However, you should also make sure that you talk to your physician first before opting for other sources of Vitamin C. Well, another thing you must keep in mind is that Bioflavonoids also improve the absorption of Vitamin C.

It will also not be a bad idea to take Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids.

You can take Vitamin C anytime if you are taking it in supplement form. You can even take it 30 minutes before eating. The other option is to take Vitamin C two hours after eating. Ideally, you should not take Vitamin C on an empty stomach. The reason is that some people suffer from side effects. Avoid taking Vitamin C in the night also.

The best approach is to do your bit of research about this vitamin before opting for it. You should make it your strategy in life and that is never to opt for anything without research. For example, there are times you accidently buy fake id because you do not do significant research. This happens a lot with international driving licences. People get fake IDs on the internet. Same with Vitamin C. Make sure you buy from a trusted source. No GMOs and from an organic source if possible. 

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