Popular Residential Heating Systems in North America

"energy efficient winter heating"

With the recent change of seasons, some of us are starting to think about the cold weather. The falling leaves and frosty mornings lead to the eventual snow, ice and cold. We’re eventually going to be spending more time indoors as the temperatures continue to drop.

While we’re indoors, we want to be comfortable. We don’t want to be too hot, but we don’t want to feel the winter chill in our homes, either. We need a balance so that we can work, play and live in comfort.

This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about energy efficient heating choices. There are many different options available for your home. There are many informative websites and you can also find out more information at your local home improvement store or by talking to a heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional.

Here are some of the more popular types of residential heating systems in North America:

1. Furnaces

Commonly used for both central air and central heating. They operate by blowing and moving heated air through a network of ducts in the house to vent in different rooms. These kinds of systems are usually powered by natural gas, fuel oil or electricity.

2. Boilers

Another popular source of indoor heat. They use a pump to bring heat from hot water to different rooms in a home through radiators or other similar devices. Boilers are usually fueled by heating oil or natural gas.

3. Radiant floor heat

A form of a boiler that uses pumps to bring heated water back and forth through tubes in the floor. This is a method that has become increasingly more popular for heating, kitchens and living rooms, especially in areas that are traditionally much colder in the winter months.

4. Heat pumps

It either use the outside air (for air-source heat pumps) or from underground (for ground-source heat pumps) as their source of fuel. Air source heat pumps are usually more common because they are easier to install and are generally less expensive than ground-source heat pumps. However, ground source heat pumps are usually more efficient in the long run, and are preferred by long-time homeowners.

5. Space heaters

Egloo Candle Heater

A convenient, portable option. They can be mounted or plugged in almost anywhere. Space heaters work best in small places or single rooms. They provide comfort, but are not usually a permanent solution.

6. Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are another affordable choice, they have one of the lowest fuel costs of the major types of home heating systems. They are effective at what they do, but the potential for pollution is a serious concern.

7. Fireplaces

Another popular kind of heating method. They are often a central part of a room’s decor. While they may look appealing, many fireplaces lose more heat than they distribute, because of the air intake from the room that is used for combustion when they are lit.

These are just some of the most popular forms of home heating that are available today. What works best for your home depends on your own needs. Research the types of heating systems carefully. Consider the functionality, and budget for the installation and fuel costs. Keeping your home warm and comfortable is going to be increasingly more important in the coming months, so you want to make sure you have the right option for you and your family.

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