SunDwater Solar Mirrors Focuses the Sun to Make Dirty Water Clean

Contaminated water SunDwater’s solar powered water distiller can convert polluted water like this into clean drinking water

Chronic and even acute shortages of fresh drinking water is one of the developing world’s most serious issues today; especially in areas torn by internal conflict such as Syria. A number of viable methods for making water potable have been put forward in Green Prophet; including very simple ones such as using sunlight to purify dirty water enclosed in plastic bottles and “Life Straw” hanging filters that can be taken anywhere and used in emergency situations such as post hurricane and typhoon locations as well as in temporary shelter areas for conflict region refugees.SunDwater processing deviceSunDwater solar water distillation device

Using the sun’s energy to distill dirty and saline water is another idea that is presently being developed by an Israeli based company called SunDwater  which harnesses the sun’s energy to heat and distill non-potable water and turn it into safe, clean drinking water without needing any infrastructure  external energy source.

SunDwater’s water distillation device works on a principle of using solar mirrors to heat water and turn it into steam which is then recirculated back into a holding tank as pure distilled water. The device, which looks like a communications satellite dish with mirrors focuses sunlight on a central holding tank which heats dirty or salt water to boiling and then recirculates  the evaporated steam into a container from which it can be used for drinking, irrigation, or other uses.

sundwater mirror solar desalination

The device in way works on a similar principle as a solar energy unit using mirrors to reflect the sun’s rays to boil water; and operate a turbine to generate electricity. The big difference in this case is that the boiling water is distilled and turned into water that is safe for human use.

With this device, literally all types of water can be used, including sewage water  and “grey” water from sinks and showers.

Salt water from the sea or underground brackish reservoirs can be utilized as well. Shimmey Zimmels, SunDwater’s CEO, says that the present developed unit can convert as much as 400 liters of water a day, with a larger unit being developed to convert as much as 5,000 liters a day.

Since the unit is entirely portable, it can be set up quickly in virtually any location and begin converting water as long as the sun shines.

“Lack of fresh water is one of the most serious problems being faced by people in underdeveloped nations today,” says Zimmels. He adds that it is estimated by the United Nations and its different aid organizations that some nine hundred million people lack access to fresh water. “Our focus is to supply a device that is simple to operate and is a relatively cheap solution to assure that these populations are able to purchase and operate the units on their own and by doing so help supply their water needs,”he says.

The company applied for a patent for their device in 2011. More information can be obtained directly by contacting SunDwater via their website.


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  1. Mahdi says:

    I am living in southern Somalia, particularly Kismaio the southern port town of Somalia. Here is no sufficient potable water for the population. What I am interested is how to buy, where to buy, the price of the installation of SunD Solar Mirrors focusing sun rays and distilling sea waters.

    I see forward your reply
    Thank you,

  2. JTR says:

    A growing population will always need more water, but planet Earth is not growing, but slowly shrinking with each volcano, earthquake and ton of coal, oil and other minerals dug and pumped up out of the ground. But people and their corporations need to expand their business operations to stay ahead of their debts by cutting costs to a minimum like dumping waste in landfills that produce and temporarily trap huge amounts of methane, a volatile gas.

    The solution is to safely recycle 100% of all human-generated waste materials and peacefully reduce the human population with family planning education. But then corporations couldn’t be as big and rich and powerful as they need to be. So which will it be, a growing economy that continues to dump huge amounts of garbage, trash, junk, chemical waste, smoke and fumes on this already heavily polluted planet, or recycle, reduce and live without anyone ever getting rich?
    That’s our modern dilemma.

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