Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Green Hi-Rises and 7 More Headlines


Tel Aviv’s first green hi-rise, Ohio-Israel partnership, Volkswagon and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Image via [nivs]. During the week of July 20, 2010, “wind prediction” company, Pentalum raised $9 million. Tensions between Israel and Lebanon over natural gas in the Mediterranean heated up and Rosetta Green and Seambiotic are partnering […]

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Egypt Government to Invest in Wind, From $110 Billion Renewable Energy Budget


It can get windy over there in Egypt. Now, Egypt plans on making renewable energy 20% of its national energy goals. The Egyptian government has announced plans to generate 1,000 megawatts of wind power this year. Speaking at the energy forum for the Middle East and North Africa 2010, Egypt’s Electricity Minister Hassan Younis said […]

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Meet DESERTEC’s Oliver Steinmetz: Opportunities for Middle East Countries


Farming the sun from hot climates to Europe? This is the plan of DESERTEC. Today we speak with Oliver Steinmetz. Oliver’s a co-founder and volunteer board member for the DESERTEC Foundation, a small NGO founded in 2008 to promote the DESERTEC concept of supplying clean energy from desert regions to regions with less sun, like […]

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A Nature Peace Park Won't Work Without Syrian-Israeli Peace First Says Israeli Prof


Israeli-built wind farm on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israeli Syrian expert skeptical that nature Peace Park on Golan Heights would bring peace. We’d reported last month on the Peace Parks conference hosted by Tel Aviv University. The idea is to create a nature reserve out of the occupied Golan Heights now under Israel sovereignty, and […]

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Egypt Teams With Abu Dhabi on 200MW Wind Farm Near Suez


Wind farm in Egyptian desert at Zafarana. (Image via The Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) and Abu Dhabi’s green energy company, Masdar, signed a framework agreement on February 18th for a 200 megawatt wind power plant, slated for Egypt’s eastern coast near Suez.  The project is the first collaborative venture between Egypt […]

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Coriolis Scales Up for the Wind


A stackable, scalable wind-turbine solution taps into a lucrative $40 billion market. Move your turbines where the wind blows, without heavy environmental impact. When we think of wind turbines, we tend to picture the standard massive turbine fans the size of airplane wings. While they’re an important carbon-free component to supplying countries with renewable energy […]

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Israel's Eilat Region Could Be Middle East's Clean Tech Beta Site


With its year-round sunshine and high temperatures, Eilat and the region are a perfect location for the deployment of alternative energy projects. Here, Aora fires up its sun-focusing flower and solar collectors. While Israel generates numerous headlines as a solar energy innovator, the country still has plans to build additional coal plants, and there’s relatively […]

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VIDEO: Blower Fans in the Cow Shed Test Vertical Wind Turbines of Coriolis


No bull! When the sh*t hits the fan? This cowshed could revolutionize wind energy science. Who would ever have thought that wind blower fans in a cow barn would spark an idea to create innovated vertical wind turbines? It turns out that a small, clean technology startup company located in a kibbutz near Ramat Hasharon, […]

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IQWind and 7 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of July 12, 2009


During the past week, IQWind raised $500k from U.S. investors and N-Viro launched a clean soil facility in Israel. Israel’s water situation was compared to Tanzania’s and Shari Arison (pictured left) made the news about looking to increase her solar-energy holdings. For these stories and the rest of this week’s 7 headlines, check below.

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Leviathan Energy's Wind Lotus in Action At Eilat Energy Conference in Israel

As anyone can see from this video taken at the Eilat Energy conference in Israel last week, Leviathan Energy‘s Wind Lotus kicked in at extremely low winds of 1.6 meter/sec and at the high winds rotates competely quietly. In Hebrew the word leviathan roughly translates to a “whale” – and describes the great sea creature […]

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