Time to Pause: Risks of Nuclear in the Volatile Middle East and North Africa Region


The Arab region holds the densest concentration on earth of countries seeking to generate nuclear electricity for the first time. Rola points out the dangers. Over the last few years, while talk of a nuclear power ‘renaissance’ was spreading globally, Middle Eastern and North African countries have been rushing to jump on the commercial nuclear […]

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Interview With Dubai’s Most Innovative Design Couple


Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian working in their Abu Dhabi Studied Impact Design studio. Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian have made the United Arab Emirates their home, for which we are very grateful. Their teachings, their design studio Studied Impact, and their public initiatives such as the internationally-acclaimed Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) have coincided […]

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The Grass Is Greener In The UAE


How green is your fodder? Turns out, in the UAE, not so green. A new program aims to change that. In order to combat the dual challenge of desertification and regional water shortages, the United Arab Emirates are experimenting with myriad innovations. The latest encourages local farmers to switch to a different variety of fodder. […]

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Global Warming Message Goes Awry at UAE Water Park


Energy-intensive water park in the desert, offers  a “home” to displaced penguins. Every now and then, the Middle East comes up with a scheme that is so ridiculously un-eco that we can’t believe someone thought it was good for the planet. Some of the most controversial and counterproductive measures we’ve covered so far include the […]

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UAE Ministry of Environment and Water Uses Animated Film to Promote Plastic Bag Ban


In the battle against plastic bags, the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water has started taking a more fun approach. As part of its mission to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags from the UAE by 2012, the Ministry of Environment and Water will soon release an animated movie that promotes eco-friendly alternatives.  The Ministry is hoping […]

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