Stephen Colbert on Israel’s National Bird

When Israel declared its new national bird, the hoopoe, Green Prophet was on the story. Little did we know that so was American fake newscaster Stephen Colbert, complete with Hebrew pronunciation.

“Congratulations, Israel. Just as America soars like the might eagle, may you emulate the noble long-billed hoopoe by squirting fecal matter at intruders,” says Colbert.

Colbert also had some exciting news about the kosher status of the giraffe.

In other online green news, “Stuff White People Like” author Christian Lander has written a five-part guide to “Stuff Environmentalists Like” for Plenty magazine:

“While many environmentalists are vegan or vegetarian, others can talk for hours about how it is possible to eat meat and still be green. Their requirement of course is that the animal is raised on a small farm and allowed to run around and eat grass.

“If you are hoping to impress a host in the latter camp, tell a story about how you are raising a few chickens in your backyard. For extra points, use the following terms: free-range, factory farm, and antibiotics.”

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