Car2Go brings car sharing to Tel Aviv

It was bound to happen, sooner or later.  After the kibbutz – the classic Israeli collective community where members shared everything – urban car sharing services were only a hop, skip, and a car engine purr away. Thanks to new Israeli company, Car2go, the concept of car sharing (which has already enjoyed great success all over […]


Dov Khenin Will Take Your Questions Now

UPDATE: DOV KHENIN’S NIGHT AT CITYTREE HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 at 9 pm. Dov Khenin, Tel Aviv’s greenest mayoral candidate, will be speaking this Monday in Hebrew at Etz BaIr (CityTree), which is on Bialik Street 23 in Tel Aviv. Khenin is currently a Knesset Member representing Hadash, a joint Jewish-Arab Communist […]


Run the City Introduces a New Type of Israeli Eco Tourism

As the Green Prophet archives will tell you, Israel is no stranger to environmentally friendly tourism.  Not only is there a variety of ecologically minded guesthouses all of the country (including a vegetarian paradise in the Galilee), but the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has announced that it is going green.  Part of this initiative has […]


Green MK Dov Khenin to Run for Mayor of Tel Aviv

MK Dr. Dov Khenin announces his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Tel Aviv on Monday, flanked by members of the A City for All movement in Tel Aviv’s Gan Meir. (Photo by Yoav Lerman). What would happen if a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist were to take charge of a polluted and traffic-clogged city like Tel […]


Katanchic Makes Chic Organic Clothes for Green Babies

Us Green Prophets believe that green education should start from a young age, and have already addressed ways that little ones can be eco conscious.  Sometimes it’s recycling competitions at schools, other times it’s reading environmentally conscious children’s books, and sometimes it’s about what these little ones are wearing. Eco-Mum has already sung the praises […]


Israel Cleans Up Its Act and Recycles Its Beach Waste

We are undeniably in the thick of beach season.  Deeply tanned French tourists with gold colored sandals and other stylish accessories line the beaches, the smell of sunscreen is in the air, and the plywood percussion of matkot (paddle ball) is the reigning summer symphony. Unfortunately, all of this beachy goodness comes with a whole […]

Junktion designs at intersection of waste and whimsy

Junktion: Tel Aviv design studio founded in 2008.  Lovers and joiners of what the city dwellers classify as junk. Junktion, one of Tel Aviv’s newest and most fabulous reuse design studios, tries “to create a meeting point with what the city has already classified as junk.”  In taking everyday objects out of context (such as […]


Tel Aviv's City Tree Hosts Eco Salons All Summer!

Last month we wrote about City Tree, a green oasis in a historical building in central Tel Aviv. This urban environmental group focuses on restoring their 1920s apartment with ecological renovation methods (such as recycled paper construction and milk based paints), teaching urbanites how to compost, and cooperating with the Good Energy Initiative in order […]


Tel Aviv Puts Jaffa Skyscraper Plans on Hold

Photo by Dan Keinan, Haaretz. A modernist skyscraper was built with no connection to the existing urban context, and plans for a row of similar towers threatened to destroy the character of the historical city center. This so outraged the residents of the area that they managed to bring about a complete ban on skyscraper […]