Life Is a Spontaneous Picnic With the Picnic Dress

Find a good spot and plop down in your picnic dress for an impromptu meal on the grass. Picnics are great because they allow us to appreciate the great outdoors (sometimes motivating us to take more efforts to protect it).  But sometimes picnics are not so great because they result in picnic littering, or the […]


Rocking the “Eco” Kasbah du Toubkal in Morocco

Karin goes on a 2-night stay at Kasbah du Toubkal, an eco-lodge in the foothills of North Africa’s highest peak. Soul-shifting is how I’d describe my two night stay at the Kasbah du Toubkal in the high Atlas mountains. From the gut-wrenching heat of Marrakesh, within an hour and a half we were transported to […]

Herbed Baked Eggs on Toast Recipe

In early summer, mornings are still cool and soft sunlight comes streaming into my room. I wake up feeling energized and optimistic, and ready to start the day really well.  If I feel like spoiling my family or just treating myself to an excellent breakfast, I fetch a pre-cooked mushroom sauce from the fridge – […]


RECIPE: Potato Salad with Fresh Fava Beans

Fresh, green fava beans appear in the Middle East for just a few weeks. Eat them as they are or accent another vegetable with them. Those fat, ungainly-looking pods conceal a fleeting vegetable delicacy: fresh fava beans. Maybe it’s a good thing that the season for them is so short – it makes the work […]


RECIPE: Chocolate-Nut Clusters

Make your own chocolate treats with this easy sweet recipe. Valentine’s Day is behind us, but love of chocolate lingers (see our post on why Fair-Trade or organic chocolate is the ethical way to indulge). These rich mouthfuls have no added sugar and are packed with chocolatey goodness – a real slow-food dessert (like our […]


RECIPE:6-Hour Skillet Tomatoes

Put up a tomato confit on your next day at home. Yes, fresh tomatoes are but a dream in  frozen Northern countries right now. But here in the Middle East, hot house tomatoes are abundant and surprisingly inexpensive. I had six fat ones on my kitchen counter, just at the cusp between very ripe and […]

Why One Should Linger in Sebastia, Near Nablus

Wander off the beaten trail in the West Bank, and find a treasure of a guesthouse in Sebastia, near Nablus The little town of Sebastia, near Nablus in the northern West Bank, was one a major city. Home to successive civilisations from its Canaanite founders to its modern-day Palestinian inhabitants (via Israelites, Crusaders and Alexander […]


Spinach and Mushroom Soup recipe

Cook up a potful of fresh spinach soup for healthy winter comfort food. Or add tofu and it works as a whole meal in the summer. Cool, moist weather makes winter  prime season for leafy greens in the Middle East, and spinach is one of Green Prophet’s favorites. As with our creamy eggplant soup, it’s […]


Superfoods, are they real or just a marketing ploy?

Maca, goji berries… what gives? Miriam shows how to buy local superfoods without the cost and fancy wasteful packaging. Colorful, flavorful, wonderful, natural products  crammed with every natural antioxidant, mineral, micro-nutrient, essential fatty acid and protein you can think of. And I can get them for you, too – wholesale. What? These aren’t superfoods? You’re […]

Muslims Who Breastfeed Save Planet Earth

New parents and nursing Muslim women will be pleased to know the Islamic perspective on nursing is pro-breastfeeding. And it doesn’t cost the Earth. At Islam’s core of a stable society is a functioning family where, interestingly, the mother has a higher status than the father. And for a family unit to be healthy, mothers […]


Quinoa Tabouleh Salad recipe

Try a new twist on traditional tabbouleh, with quinoa instead of bulgur. Tabbouleh or tabouleh is a standard part of mezze – the array of small, piquant dishes set down on the table before a serious meal in the Middle East. Traditionally made with bulgur wheat, tabbouleh is really a cold salad packed with herbs […]


Americans and Israelis Headed for Widespread Obesity

They exist here in Israel too! Too much pizza and cheeseburgers, and not enough exercise and whole food diets. One of America’s most popular internet health news websites, Natural News, is telling its readers that Americans are on their way to becoming a nation of overweight and obese people and that three fourths of all Americans […]

5 Fast and Delicious Sandwich Ideas

In the time it takes to go out and buy fast food or wait for the home delivery, you can whip up delicious home-made – and healthy – sandwiches. It takes five minutes to put together a sandwich based on foods from the pantry and fridge. And you save money using up some of the […]

6 Ideas For Eating Well With Leftovers

You’ll eat well and save money by changing the way you look at holiday leftovers. This time of year is a time of intense food activity. For Jews, the High Holidays are taking off with symbolic foods called Simanim, and for Arabs, Ramadan just came to a close (have a look at the lively, vegan […]


Arak, The Middle East’s Favorite Tipple

Arak – spirits flavored with anise seed. A seductive (and sustainable) drink loved all over the Middle East. The waiter comes carrying a tray with a bottle, a small pitcher of water, ice, and lots of glasses. You pour the clear, anise-fragrant arak out of the bottle, only about one-third of the way up in […]

RECIPE: Golden Roasted Potato Wedges

Who can resist a potato? These crisp-skinned potato wedges seasoned with olive oil and Middle-Eastern herbs make a great side dish for any meal. The warm scent of organic potatoes roasting in olive oil and pungent spices. Far healthier than fries. And the good feeling of slow food happening in your own kitchen, with an […]


Freekeh recipes for a new taste of the old farik grain

Folks seeking new taste sensations are going wild over the flavor of freekah, frikeh (Arabic: فريكة‎) or farik, an Arabic smoked green wheat – a staple in the Middle East for thousands of years. Where wheat grows in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, people set aside part of the harvest to make freekeh. Its young […]

Fresh figs with arak and cream

Light, fresh fruit is the sweet of choice to round off summer meals. Here’s a fresh fig dessert for adults to savor, and one that will delight children too. Figs come into Middle Eastern markets twice a year, in July and in September, but their seasons are always short.  We rush to get some organic […]