Easy couscous and roqaq recipe

We have already brought you several summer time recipes, as well as new takes on watermelon, but here is another vegan or vegetarian option with a fun, exciting and intriguing Middle Eastern-styled flavor. Salad: Couscous with greens and olives This fulfilling and nutritional summer salad can act as a main dish on its own. A […]


“Green” Solar Coooker Project Prevents Darfur Rapes

[youtube][/youtube] These solar cookers are very inexpensive to make, and yet their impact on Darfur’s families is immeasurable Spreading compassion for all things and attending to the suffering of others is steeped in the Jewish tradition, in part as a result of deep scars left behind by the holocaust. Nor does this philosophy extend to […]


Desert University Goes Green With Gusto

With a strong environmental flavor to its courses already, it’s no wonder that Ben Gurion University is embracing the Green Campus label with such enthusiasm. It may not be the first, or the only, university campus in Israel to receive the “Green Campus” label from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, (Haifa reduced their energy consumption […]

RECIPE: Golden Roasted Potato Wedges

Who can resist a potato? These crisp-skinned potato wedges seasoned with olive oil and Middle-Eastern herbs make a great side dish for any meal. The warm scent of organic potatoes roasting in olive oil and pungent spices. Far healthier than fries. And the good feeling of slow food happening in your own kitchen, with an […]


Arab High-Tech Entrepreneurs Changing the Face of Nazareth

Galil Software brings high-tech opportunities to Arab engineers in Israel’s geographic peripheries Earlier we reported that Israel needs to pick up its cleantech pace. And sustainability is business means creating employment options for everybody, not just an elite few. Perhaps an infusion of Israeli-Arab engineering talent will help? This Israeli high-tech firm – unlike the […]


700 year-old Iranian underground cave homes

Carved out of volcanic rock, these homes have survived seven centuries. Now that’s what we call sustainable Since we wrote about Hassan Fathy’s mud buildings, we’ve been dying to find other examples of such earthy architecture in the Middle East. Certainly modern inventions are worth mentioning, such as Ginger Dosier’s home-grown bricks, as are efforts […]


Organic Farms Growing in Dubai

Dubai’s government is developing more organic farms, but oil-dependent desalination plants used for water casts a shadow on their carbon footprint News from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates tended to be dominated by new construction projects being announced or more recently debts levels, but it seems that the government is making a serious push […]


Fresh Tomato-Coriander Salad to Spice up Your Summer

A fresh sprig of coriander is so versatile and delicious! I have always found it difficult to differentiate between the various types of green leafy herbs available in the market. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to see the physical differences between basil, thyme, coriander or mint. The taste, on the other hand, is something […]


Protective Fences Starving Saudi Wildlife

Despite best intentions, Saudi’s Mahazat as-Sayd reserve fence led to the deaths of hundreds of animals between 1991 and 2008 After realizing the damage that plundering humans have had on wildlife habitat, conservationists have developed schemes aimed at reversing some of that damage. Recent programs include tagging turtles in Qatar to better understand their habitat, […]


And The Green Globe Goes To…. Park Inn Muscat, Oman

Park Inn Muscat receives the Middle East’s first internationally recognized Green Globe standard certification Creating quality tourism options in the environmental context has only been popular since the early 1990s. Now there are all kinds of opportunities to enjoy a relaxing holiday without causing harm to the surrounding environment: from bio tours in Israel, to […]