Dubai Inaugurates World’s Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa

Reporters were given a sneak peak at Burj Khalifa at 828m tall, this week. The world’s tallest building, could attract international investment to the debt-afflicted emirate. Dubai inaugurated Burj Dubai (now Burj Khalifa after Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, President of the UAE), the world’s tallest building, with a spectacular display of sound, light, water and […]


Cross-border Conservation Efforts Could Save Billions in the Mediterranean Region, New Study Finds

Billions could be saved if Mediterranean countries combined conservation efforts, finds new Israeli-Australian study. Picture via Hebrew University. We already know that rodents suffer from human-made boundaries between Israel and Jordan: Coordination of conservation efforts across national boundaries could achieve significantly higher results and at less cost than conservation actions planned within individual states, researchers […]


Collecting dew from thin air

Some companies like Tal Ya are making the most of dew in irrigating farmers’ fields. Others like EWA are squeezing water out of thin air. Although this comes at an enormous cost of energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Passive solutions that happen with nature’s help are what we want. Faced with an extremely dry winter […]


Green Bloggers Conference: Environmental Awareness in Palestine “A Need to Start”

Hiba, Tamam, and Wael (left to right) from the Palestinian Authority express their desires for environmental change at the Environment Blogger’s Workshop in Madaba, Jordan. As we’ve been saying, Green Prophet hosted a Green Blogger’s Conference in Jordan earlier this week. We’ve recapped what we’ve learned from the Jordanian activists. Now Hiba Hamzeh from Volunteering […]


Environment Journalists, Bloggers and Activists From Israel, Jordan and the PA Unite: Let’s Meet Jordan

Osama, Khaloud, Zein and Sawsan (from left to right) present green projects from Jordan at Green Prophet’s Environment blogging workshop. It was 20 hours we will never forget. Nineteen journalists, activists and bloggers from Jordan, the PA and Israel met at an international blogging workshop in Jordan intending to make better environment bloggers (and friends) […]


The Ultimate Ful and Hummous Recipe

Got a yen for the food of strong men? Miriam shows how to make the Middle-Eastern working man’s lunch. It’s so easy to just bop down to the corner falafel stand and pick up a pita full of the Middle Easts’ favorite fast food. But get to know – and make, another meal, the kind […]


COP15 Outcome

The glaciers are melting – and seas are rising – is climate change to blame? It’s over: the two week long COP 15 conference on global warming and climate change ended Friday night with a weak agreement to try to keep global warming temperature levels at or below 2 degrees Celsius, and to allocate a […]


Icon or Omen? Dubai's Debt Problem and the Gulf

Dubai World announced that it would be requesting a six-month delay on paying its debts. Within hours, Dubai’s reputation was being rewritten, and its ambition to be a financial center, building on its historic reputation as a focal point for regional trade, was being recast. Uncertainty continued on November 30, when the Dubai government said […]