Blue-Green Algae’s Slimy Tricks Revealed


Blue-Green algae threatens freshwater bodies (and marine bodies) worldwide. Will a new discovery by Israeli scientists help restore those threatened watersheds? Freshwater bodies such as the Kinneret have been compromised by the influx of human development and population. Run-off and phosphates enter the water, disrupting the ecological balance and often resulting in eutrophication. This means […]

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Public Transportation Takes Flight In Dubai


Will more people in Dubai catch on to merits of metro-riding, ditch the car, and reduce their carbon footprint? We’ve already established that the Emiratis are not the most enthusiastic walkers; this can be attributed to the region’s crippling heat, as well as a simple cultural phenomenon. This has led to one of the world’s […]

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High Temperatures Cause UAE Bed Bugs To Bite


When temperatures increase, so do the incidents of bugs, including those that your mother sang about before you went to bed As complex, rollercoaster climate change alters life on this planet, we will confront new and unforeseen challenges. Some problems we can anticipate such as reduced food supply and further reductions of biodiversity. We’ve encountered higher, […]

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Arak, The Middle East’s Favorite Tipple


Arak – spirits flavored with anise seed. A seductive (and sustainable) drink loved all over the Middle East. The waiter comes carrying a tray with a bottle, a small pitcher of water, ice, and lots of glasses. You pour the clear, anise-fragrant arak out of the bottle, only about one-third of the way up in […]

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Architect From Fortune 500 Company Criticizes Middle East’s “Glass Monsters”


Glass may be beautiful, but in the Middle East, it’s far from eco-friendly It’s one thing for environmental bloggers to criticize architects or project managers for designing buildings that do nothing to preserve natural resources or inspire beauty in moderation. Foster and Partners, prolific in the Middle East, and just about anything built in Dubai […]

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500 Tonne Food Waste Undermines Holy Month Of Ramadan


Officials in Abu Dhabi launched the “Think before you waste” campaign to help prevent food from piling up in landfills during Ramadan While Muslims are encouraged to internalize the principles of charity throughout their lives, during the ninth month of Ramadan, this philosophy is kicked into overdrive. Muslims demonstrate with even more intensity their devotion […]

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RECIPE: Golden Roasted Potato Wedges

Who can resist a potato? These crisp-skinned potato wedges seasoned with olive oil and Middle-Eastern herbs make a great side dish for any meal. The warm scent of organic potatoes roasting in olive oil and pungent spices. Far healthier than fries. And the good feeling of slow food happening in your own kitchen, with an […]

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Arab High-Tech Entrepreneurs Changing the Face of Nazareth


Galil Software brings high-tech opportunities to Arab engineers in Israel’s geographic peripheries Earlier we reported that Israel needs to pick up its cleantech pace. And sustainability is business means creating employment options for everybody, not just an elite few. Perhaps an infusion of Israeli-Arab engineering talent will help? This Israeli high-tech firm – unlike the […]

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700 year-old Iranian underground cave homes


Carved out of volcanic rock, these homes have survived seven centuries. Now that’s what we call sustainable Since we wrote about Hassan Fathy’s mud buildings, we’ve been dying to find other examples of such earthy architecture in the Middle East. Certainly modern inventions are worth mentioning, such as Ginger Dosier’s home-grown bricks, as are efforts […]

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Organic Farms Growing in Dubai


Dubai’s government is developing more organic farms, but oil-dependent desalination plants used for water casts a shadow on their carbon footprint News from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates tended to be dominated by new construction projects being announced or more recently debts levels, but it seems that the government is making a serious push […]

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We Are All Connected: Heat Wave In Russia Affects Egypt’s Wheat Supply


Egypt is the world’s largest importer of wheat; could Russia’s heat wave (and subsequent ban on grain exports) become Egypt’s hunger? Bill McKibben shows how one country’s excess emissions impacts the entire earth’s atmosphere, which causes a whole slew of its own unforeseen chain reactions. Industry and tourism cause noise pollution that disrupts hapless reef […]

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Protective Fence Causes Mass Starvation of Saudi Wildlife


Despite best intentions, Saudi’s Mahazat as-Sayd reserve fence led to the deaths of hundreds of animals between 1991 and 2008 After realizing the damage that plundering humans have had on wildlife habitat, conservationists have developed schemes aimed at reversing some of that damage. Recent programs include tagging turtles in Qatar to better understand their habitat, […]

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