Rawabi: Palestine’s Greenest City, or Greenest Wash?

Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry threatens to enforce their will in Palestinian territory, where the plans for Rawabi are not as green as Palestinian/Qatari developers profess. Israel’s excess extraction from the Jordan River (as well as other factors) could soon kill it altogether with serious ramifications for Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians. There is no question that one […]


Ecowash Washes Car In A Water-Parched Desert

It is no longer necessary to waste gallons of water when washing your car. A new biodegradable product will keep it clean, and protect it from the harsh sun. With virtually no freshwater resources, Dubai relies extensively on energy-intensive and environmentally-destructive desalination facilities to provide water. But the emirate also lies amidst a hot desert […]


Has Saudi Arabia Seen The Renewable Energy Light?

Saudi Arabia prepares in advance for a future without oil, putting solar energy in its place. Possessing a fifth of the world’s proven oil reserves, Saudi Arabia has long been synonymous with the petroleum industry, but this is not stopping the kingdom from striving to diversify its energy sources. Renewable sources could account for up […]


Jordan Politics Hampers “Friends Of The Earth Middle East” Climate Change Event

An environmental awareness campaign is subverted by Jordan’s “aniti-normalisation” groups. Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) are renowned for reaching across political borders to address environmental concerns that know no borders. For years, in spite of the political aura, Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians have worked together to monitor and protect the imperiled Jordan River, […]

Lemon-scented vegetarian couscous

Coriander, lemon, and four kinds of vegetables make a mouth-watering vegetarian couscous. Natural locavores, good Middle Eastern cooks take pleasure in seeking out the very best and freshest vegetables in the open-air markets, transforming inexpensive local ingredients into delicious traditional foods. Some examples include mulukhiya (our mulukhiya recipe here) and couscous. While couscous is often […]


Who’s Going Nuclear in the Middle East?

A handy chart to plot which Middle East countries are going nuclear. Ever since oil was discovered in the Middle East around 1950 it has gas been the driving force behind the region’s transformation. But as of late a new focus has emerged based on both an ever increasing demands for electricity but also a […]


RECIPE: Fresh-Corn Corn Muffins

Fresh corn makes all the difference in these golden muffins – a treat for family and guests. Right now in Israel it’s the Sukkot holiday, and visiting time as friends and neighbors go sukkah-hopping from one home to the next. It’s time to catch up with neighborhood news, refresh friendships, and relax with people instead […]


Pick A Global Work Party In The Middle East: 10-10-10

Join hands with your fellows in the Middle East on 10-10-10 and drive down atmospheric carbon concentrations. There is no better way to subvert the status quo than to join hands with like-minded people on a similar carbon-reduction mission. Bill McKibben is the brains behind, an international non-profit organization that seeks to reduce atmospheric […]


Making Love with the Five Percent Rule

Treating love with patience and with small, 5% changes is the same approach that will save our planet “Bad things happen fast, good things take time,” writes Wendy Strgar, founder and chairman of, and the author of the newly published book, Love That Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy (Love Words Press, September 2010). […]


Zonzoo Gives Old Phones New Life In The UAE

Zonzoo and Enviroserve recycle cell phones, earning donors a bit of good, “green”  cash. When old cell phone batteries peter out and new models are just too hard to resist, many people chuck leave their old phones languishing in a drawer or chuck them in the trash bin. From there they are transported and dumped […]


Ramadan’s Favorite Spices Flavor Middle Eastern Food

Dozens of colorful fresh spices enliven traditional dishes of the Arab world. Spices and herbs are treasured as culinary ingredients, and as medicine, in every Middle Eastern country. While modern supermarkets and small grocery stores carry many of the popular ones, people in the know still search out traditional spice and herb shops, where they […]


Artocos: Architectural “Musical” Activism in Dubai

Dubai’s designers protest a planned development project with this musical power plant If we continue to usurp every inch of undeveloped land in order to protect consumption, we will likewise destroy the very biodiversity upon which all life depends. Everything matters: that blade of grass? It’s someone’s food. Those bobble-eyed frogs? They get eaten too. […]