Nuclear-Powered Water For The UAE?

The Emirates are feeling the pressure of energy and water deficits. Unfortunately, their nuclear solutions are still shortsighted. Dubai grew and grew: without any kind of environmental foresight, the Emirate built the tallest this and the biggest that, showing off its engineering might. And despite some efforts to learn from its neighbor’s mistakes, Abu Dhabi […]


World Cup 2022: Is Qatar Too Hot To Bid?

Qatar aims to build twelve stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in one of the hottest places on earth? Will that plan go up in smoke? Even the most stalwart fans are bound to protest a FIFA decision to hold the 2022 world cup in Qatar. Aren’t they? From July to September, although humidity levels […]


Lebanese Lentil Soup recipe

What’s more comforting on a chilly day than a cup of soup? Try our twist on a traditional Lebanese recipe. When fresh vegetables are scarce in remote areas of the Middle East, people rely on dried pulses stored for the winter in ceramic jars or burlap bags. Onions harvested in summer add piquancy. Samneh, clarified […]


Labneh, The Middle Eastern Yoghurt Spread

Make your own cheese spread, Labneh. Easy and delicious! Breakfast in the Middle East. There’s black coffee. Pita. Chopped cucumbers and tomatoes. Olive oil to drizzle at will. And labneh, a thick, yoghurt-based cheese whose sour taste perfectly complements vegetables, bread like zalabya, and olive oil. Labneh is  as easy to make as our ricotta recipe. […]


Interview: Bracing For A Warmer Future With Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben talks about fossil fuels, a “slightly earlier time,” and’s goal to ensure a future for the world’s youth. Bill McKibben needs very little introduction, but I’ll give one anyway. Not only is he considered one of America’s leading environmentalists, who has written a small sack full of books and contributes to numerous […]


Ecoweek Builds Israeli/Palestinian Peace One Workshop At A Time

ECOWEEK is at it again, this time looking for green building solutions to Tantur, a theological school based in Beit Jala. ECOWEEK unites budding, newly-minted, and established architects from around the world to sketch modern solutions to enduring challenges. Earlier this year, ECOWEEK – founded by Elias Messinas, an Israeli-Greek green architect – arranged lectures […]


The Ecology of Sustainable Love

Physical passion is the ‘fire’ element of sustainable relationships, and is dependent on a healthy dose of ‘earth, air and water’ according to a noted eco-sexpert. Wendy Strgar is in the business of creating sustainable relationships, and her ecology of love philosophy is both green and desirable. Like the water we drink for survival, love […]


Cool, thick and hot Arabic almond milk recipes

Cool, soothing raw almond milk is great for hot days. But when winter arrives, enjoy a creamy, hot, Middle Eastern version. Almond milk, while it may be killing the bees, is a vegan option for a protein drink, instead of animal milks (like camel’s milk). It’s lactose-free, has no cholesterol, and a cup contains 10 […]


What Abu Dhabi Plans For When The Water Runs Out

Abu Dhabi’s government plans to pump desalinated water underground to prepare for event that its desalination plants are threatened. Relying almost entirely on desalination plants for drinking water, and with approximately 90% of its groundwater unfit for drinking, Abu Dhabi’s water security is deeply uncertain. A major oil spill or a serious case of sea […]


Quinoa Tabouleh Salad recipe

Try a new twist on traditional tabbouleh, with quinoa instead of bulgur. Tabbouleh or tabouleh is a standard part of mezze – the array of small, piquant dishes set down on the table before a serious meal in the Middle East. Traditionally made with bulgur wheat, tabbouleh is really a cold salad packed with herbs […]


Gulf Countries Are Picking From Sudan’s Breadbasket

With insufficient arable land of their own, Arab countries are farming in Sudan to secure their food future. Early last year Karin reported on a troubling trend – a neo-colonial land grab occurring in Africa: Britain, Sweden, Germany, and South Korea have all usurped fertile African land in order to develop various agricultural pursuits. Then […]


“Earth Day Network” President Kathleen Rogers Defines “The New Environmentalist”

Kathleen Rogers and the world wide web have revolutionized citizen environmental activism. Since 1970, Earth Day has pivoted grassroots environmental activism in a powerful way, uniting the global community with global concerns. Numerous other campaigns have also emerged, providing untold opportunities for ordinary citizens to voice their insistence on a cleaner, safer, and saner future. […]


Egypt To Grab Sudanese Land To Meet Its Wheat Needs

Lacking sufficient water to grow enough wheat for its burgeoning population, Egypt (above pic of Suez Canal farm) looks to other Nile Basin countries for land and water. During the heat of this year’s scorching summer, Russia’s wheat supply took a serious hit and the country scaled back its exports. One of their main wheat […]