Israel, Iran Take Top 2 Endangered Species Design Prizes

Artists bridge the divide and draw attention to the plight of endangered species. Israel and Iran may be arch enemies politically, but a recent design competition demonstrates that their artists are more alike than different. Although we have featured many Israeli designs in the past, such as these outrageous shoes and this lovely ceramic e-cooler […]


The “Golden Sheep” West Bank Cheese Incident

The Golden Sheep makes Palestinians proud with gourmet Italian cheese. The Arab Geographer al-Muqaddasi wrote between the 9th and 11th centuries that while Palestine has olives, dried figs, raisins and the Carob fruit, Jerusalem has cheeses, Aninuni and Duri raisins, apples, and pine nuts. More recently, an influx of foreigners – including Italians – broadened […]


RECIPE: Turkish Meatballs And Swiss Chard

A surprising, savory green twist that takes meatballs out of the ordinary. Foodbridge, a blog featuring cross-cultural Middle Eastern recipes, was the source of this recipe. (See our review of Foodbridge here). It’s become a favorite dish in our house. Even the little ones will eat chard when it’s served with meatballs this way. Include […]


Arab Apathy Leads To Middle East Water Apocalypse

By calling the Middle East water problem an apocalypse, AFED Secretary General attempts to draw attention to the real and immediate danger shortages represent. While bureaucrats push paper in their plush offices, the citizens they represent face what one senior researcher calls a water apocalypse. Yemen’s aquifers could dry up as early as 2012, thereby […]


Qatar Sends UN Proposal To Bury Carbon And Export More

Submitted to the UN, Qatar’s carbon capture program protects the Emirates’ LNG exports. Despite branding itself as an environmentally-friendly Emirate, the dubious World Cup bid demonstrates a tremor in Qatar’s overall eco-heartbeat. Qatar is also the world’s largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which emits almost half as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere […]


Vegetarian Haricot Bean Stew Recipe

Feel like eating something flavorful and satisfying, but not heavy? Stewed haricot beans answer your hunger – and they’re easy to make. A hearty vegetarian stew, aromatic with herbs and spices (see our series on Middle Eastern spices). Great with rice or fresh pita and a simple protein like cheese or an omelet on the […]


How Vegetarians Can Solve The Middle East Water Crisis

Hope floats. Want to help save water and feed nine billion people? Go vegetarian. For vegetarians who have researched all the possible angles to justify their meatless habit – it’s healthier, we might say, or Islam sanctions it, it is no secret that raising meat taxes the environment. In addition to methane gases released, particularly by […]


Israel Has Plans To Outlaw Dinosaur TVs

High energy dinosaurs may get the axe as part of Israel’s plan to reduce energy use by 20% Energy doesn’t come easily to Israel. With few resources of its own, apart from solar – the widespread exploitation of which is beginning to take shape – and maybe natural gas, officials have to get creative about […]


How To Capture Water Like A Thorny Devil

This spiny little creature can help us survive the Middle East water crisis. How do we value nature? Do we value trees for their role as carbon sinks? As hope in hard times, like Anne Frank did? Or must we dangle a giant price tag from a branch – put a number on that sucker […]


Birds Help Israel, Jordan And Palestine Flock Together

After fifteen years of cooperation between the three countries, birds continue to help break down borders. The migration corridor that fosters the ambitious biannual itinerary of half a billion birds has long been an incentive for Israel, Jordan, and Palestine to get along. Faced with cross-border concerns that threatened both migratory and local species – […]


Inspired By Nature, Water Tips For The Middle East #1

In a region where water grows increasingly scarce, we look to nature for various tips on how to make the most of what we have. Melissa Sterry, a futurologist and scientist whose “Bionic City” incorporates lessons from biomimicry, resilience theory, and living architecture to create a city model that can withstand any extreme natural phenomena, […]


Interview: Melissa Sterry And The City That Loves Floods

A 21st Century Bionic Pioneer, Melissa Sterry talks to Green Prophet about built environments that embrace the volatile new world order. Melissa Sterry makes our spooky future full of increased flooding, stronger hurricanes, and severe drought look like a playground. By applying Resilience Theory, Biomimicry, and Living Architecture principles to every aspect of building, she […]