Habitat For Humanity Restores Jordan’s Salt – PHOTOS

People helping people. Is there a better way to burn a few calories? Habitat for Humanity Jordan (H4H) recently teamed up with Sahhyieh Jamia, a community association in Deir Alla (Salt province), and American Community School to help build homes in a village near Salt. You’d think this architect would record the event with artsy construction […]


Israel's Public Housing Blocks to Get Solar Roofs

Solar panels at a testing site in Abu Dhabi. (photo by Jesse Fox) According to a report published this week in Globes, Israel’s public housing company Amidar is set to begin installing photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs of its buildings. And with 72,000 housing units in its portfolio, that could add up to a […]


Daniella Unpicks Israel's Relationship With Land and Housing In Amiran Gonen's "Between City and Suburb"

If you’ve heard about the demise of the kibbutz movement, then you may also know that financially strapped communal farms have recently climbed out of debt by building suburban-style detached housing developments and selling them to upwardly mobile Israelis. Suburbanizing kibbutzim and moshavim (village settlements), along with several new suburban-style towns like Shoham (near Ben […]


Nurit – Israel's First "Eco-Friendly" Town

(Map of Nurit, from Google Earth) It’s one thing to adopt environmentally conscious behavior, such as recycling, taking public transportation, and saving water or electricity. But that’s not enough for the future residents of the now developing community of Nurit. They plan to live green. That’s because the Mt. Gilboa town of Nurit is set […]


Israeli Eco Tourism Welcomes the Yurt

If you don’t know what a yurt is, have no fear.  Most people don’t (including yours truly).  But yurts, with their portability, suitability for nature trips, and simple low-tech structures are highly suitable for eco-tourism – so they definitely deserve our attention.  And it certainly is exciting that yurts are entering the Israeli tourism scene. […]