Swab A Frog For Good Health – But Not At Home

UAE scientists have found that chemicals on frog skin can produce antibiotics for otherwise resistant “superbugs” Frogs eat annoying, disease-carrying mosquitoes that we’re so eager to get rid of, as well as other insects and pests, and despite being a tasty snack for various omnivores, including humans, have survived 300 million years of earth’s onslaughts. […]


Making "Green" Peace In The Office

Greening your office space is also about creating the right “peace” of mind. Read on for tips and inspiration. Why is it that your office colleague, once so sweet, now grates on your nerves? How could it be the long bus ride to the office, which used to be a relaxing hour to catch up […]

Smokers Decompose Slower Than Non-Smokers

“Smoked pigs” decompose slower than those that don’t smoke. (They were actually injected with nicotine). With smoking rampant in the Middle East, and rates in children increasing all the time, a new CSI study, using pigs of all creatures has found that those injected with nicotine decompose slower than those pigs which weren’t injected, reports […]


Natural Remedies for Late Pregnancy

Miriam recommends natural teas and a tincture for third-trimester ladies – and their husbands. Having actively worked as a doulah for many years, I’ve always used herbalist’s wisdom to support women in pregnancy. Here are some herbs to ease the wait of the lady in waiting: The third trimester can be trying. Exhaustion, possibly return of […]


Summer Help When Hair + Humidity = Frizz

The humidity of the Middle East can result in a six month stretch of “bad hair day”. But help is on the way, naturally. Image via Perfecto Insecto When I think of summer, one of the first ideas that pops into my head is the beach, followed very closely by the thought “Oh no, but […]


GM foods shrinking sexual health in a womb near you

The USA allows them, and the EU has banned them, but the controversy over genetically modified foods is far from over, globally or in the Middle East. While Israel prohibits the import of genetically modified seeds, according to a 2009 article in Haaretz, even green-savvy consumers may be eating their fair share of Frankenfoods. (Genetically […]


Parkinson’s in Arab Communities Linked to Pesticides

  Need another reason to eat organic?  Or at least pesticide-free? In a study to be published this month, Israeli researchers examining the prevalence of Parkinson’s disease in the Wadi Ara Arab communities in northern Israel found an unusually high prevalence of the disease in the areas of Baqa al-Gharbiyeh.  Baqa al-Gharbiyeh, an Arab community, […]


Expats claim UAE is diet-proof

Exercise in the United Arab Emirates: If more people did it, maybe the UAE wouldn’t be the 18th fattest country in the world. Photo by The National. With the United Arab Emirates boasting one of the world’s highest obesity rates, expatriates working there complain that their adopted country is packing on their pounds. Abu Dhabi-based […]


A Vegan Omega 3 for Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegans, vegetarians, and vegawarians make a difference every day by not eating meat.  The meat industry is one of the leading industries responsible for fossil fuel consumption and a 2006 UN report found that the global meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all of the world’s SUVs, cars, trucks, planes and ships combined. If […]


Breastfeeding and Keeping Up With "Supply and Demand"

Breastfeeding involves no processing and no waste, and helps protect the environment, as we’ve been exploring here on Green Prophet’s breastfeeding series. Even though breastfeeding is a natural continuation of pregnancy and birth, mothers still worry about producing enough milk. An understanding of  how milk production works can help mothers avoid problems and know when […]