Obama Tried to Get Saudis on Board at Copenhagen, Wikileaks Reveals


ClimateWire has revealed that leading up to the UN meeting at Copenhagen last December, the Obama administration leaned hard on the Saudis to get them to agree to the Copenhagen Accord. According to Wikileaks of private communications within the state department, the administration went right to the source of opposition to climate negotiations. The Saudis. […]

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Mey & Boaz Kahn’s “ecooler” Beats The Middle Eastern Heat


Israeli design couple Mey and Boaz Kahn create the coolest network of hollow tiles based on two ancient Middle Eastern heat-beating concepts. The Hebrew language demonstrates the extent to which ancient Jews valued or, more accurately, revered nature for its life-giving properties. My favorite example of this sacred interconnectedness is the word for rain, which […]

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Want To Mobilize The Green Mob? Lebanese Bloggers Show Us How!


Lebanese Bloggers elbow their way through wishy washy red tape to spread urgent environmental and political messages. Environmental bloggers go to great lengths to confront the dual challenge of making people aware of serious environmental concerns, and inspiring them to do something about it. We absolutely have to cut carbon emissions, a message that Bill […]

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High Temperatures Cause UAE Bed Bugs To Bite


When temperatures increase, so do the incidents of bugs, including those that your mother sang about before you went to bed As complex, rollercoaster climate change alters life on this planet, we will confront new and unforeseen challenges. Some problems we can anticipate such as reduced food supply and further reductions of biodiversity. We’ve encountered higher, […]

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We Are All Connected: Heat Wave In Russia Affects Egypt’s Wheat Supply


Egypt is the world’s largest importer of wheat; could Russia’s heat wave (and subsequent ban on grain exports) become Egypt’s hunger? Bill McKibben shows how one country’s excess emissions impacts the entire earth’s atmosphere, which causes a whole slew of its own unforeseen chain reactions. Industry and tourism cause noise pollution that disrupts hapless reef […]

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Get Mad With Bill McKibben: 10-10-10


Get mad about poor energy policies that are heating up our planet, and then get organized on 10-10-10 I was taught the value of balanced writing free of slanted language.  “Let the facts speak for themselves,” my noble university professors proclaimed. “Don’t appeal to emotion.” But as a working environmental journalist emotionally and intellectually saturated […]

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