Islamic Ministers To Roll Up Their Green Sleeves In Tunisia


Islamic ministers from 30 organizations and countries will get together early October in order to put the environment back on the political map. Tunisia will host a conference of Islamic environment ministers in early October to look at how environmental issues can be impacted from a governmental perspective. The 4th Islamic environment ministers conference will […]

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Party With The UAE’s “Green Sheikh” On 10/10/10


On 10-10-10, thousands of people worldwide will roll up their sleeves and put their environmental conviction to work, including the “Green Sheikh.” Given the continued exploitation of fossil fuel for energy, our atmosphere’s carbon content is escalating to a level that will be disastrous for our environment. Which is why Bill McKibben initiated, an […]

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Israel’s New “Green” Synagogue to Raise Environmental Awareness


Rabbi Ian Pear believes that public institutions should take the lead in generating environmental awareness. The relationship between ecology and worldwide religions has taken center stage recently. Islamic leaders are speaking out and two traveling Americans found all manner of environmentally aware Muslims in their country. Also, if it ever lifts off, the famous “Ground […]

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One State. One Environment


As peace talks resume, can environmental issues create bridges and links between opposing sides? JERUSALEM – Every few years, the idea of establishing one state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea rises and falls like a phoenix; a dream of a state where both Palestinians and Israelis live in peace with no borders, […]

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Green Prophet Flies To “The Yemenite Blog For Sciences And The Environment”


A weekly Green Prophet series that looks at the Arabic “green” blogosphere and online communities After looking at “The Forum of the Ornithological Society of Kuwait,  the Saudi Green Blog, The Oman Eco Group Blogs, and the UAE Environment & Life Blog, we are continuing our journey through the Gulf countries, arriving now at the […]

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