TransAlgae Seeds A Need For Green Feed

The algae for biofuel company TransAlgae is developing a new superbreed of algae for biofuels that is more resistant to the pests and the diseases that plague algae producers today. New varieties of wheat, oats and barley are constantly being produced to meet the world’s demands for grains that can grow faster, be hardier and […]


AGRAme, Honeywell, and Biofuel Projects in Dubai

Honeywell launches project that converts the oil from salicornia plants, commonly known as samphire into biofuel at Dubai’s AGRAme conference later this month. Image via me’enthedogs. Global issues concerning green agriculture and energy sustainability have raised many viability questions during the early 21st century. Collaborate efforts of world leaders, non-profits, and research institutes have made great […]


How Terra Venture Partners Accelerate Clean Technology

There are numerous start-up companies in Israel today, but finding investors to fund the new technology is often a challenge. In the field of Greentech, Terra Venture Partners (TVC) has made it their objective to fund and invest in promising seed and early-stage start-ups led by top entrepreneurs in energy, water and other environmental sectors. […]

Algae-For-Biofuel Isaac Berzin's New Advert Touting the Importance of this Alternative Energy Source

“We call it pollution, they call it gourmet food,” so says algae-for-fuel missionary Isaac Berzin, who sent Green Prophet a new video, an advertisement touting the benefits of this alternative energy source for our planet. Berzin, a Ben-Gurion University and MIT-trained chemical engineer, and Boston-based Greenfuel Technologies have developed a revolutionary technology to produce biofuels […]