Green Business Ideas to You Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprints

Unplanned infrastructure developments, pollution, and deforestation (without proper reforestation plans) have led to unprecedented destruction of our ecosystem. Not only does it harm the birds, insects, fishes, and animals, even the human lives are hit hard with pollution and climate changes. Therefore, countries from around the world have started taking initiatives to reduce the carbon […]


What is Affiliate marketing

Even people who have a sustainably-minded business need to make sustainable incomes. Those who want to to start making money in the Internet often get puzzled at the initial step, as they simply do not know what to do and where to start. Affiliate marketing is good option for newbies as it offers an opportunity […]


Israel allows medical cannabis exports (finally!!!)

Following a flurry of rumors which has caused Israeli investors to become “high” on purchasing cannabis company stock running to invest in companies like iCan exportation of medical cannabis  from Israel may be nearer to reality. Following announced approval by the Israeli government cabinet, the first shipments of medical cannabis may be taking place in six to […]


8 Ways Eco-Entrepreneurs Use Instagram to Make Money

Innovative marketing is essential if you’re an entrepreneur. You probably know that social media is a big component of an effective marketing plan. However, you might feel confused or overwhelmed by the prospect of navigating the ins and outs of these platforms, or even which ones are the most effective for reaching potential customers. Many […]


Practical Tips for Cryptocurrency Traders

The world of cryptocurrencies is a financial jungle. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and you constantly have to be fighting to hold your own. A lot has been said and a lot of tips given to help traders crack the esoteric bitcoin code of trading. However, there are certain practical tips that are commonly left out […]


Uri Geller predicted it: An ancient, kosher natural soap factory found in Jaffa

Mentalist Uri Geller is building a museum in the world’s most ancient port city, Jaffa. When they start digging, an ancient olive soap factory is unearthed. The impressive masbena – or soap-manufacturing factory – dates back to the nineteenth century was discovered along with several large underground chambers. “Our work on the museum required, among […]


How You Can Really Help Your Small Business Grow

There are many challenges facing new business entrepreneurs today, and one of these is being able to make their business stand out from the competition – and grow. In these times, it’s particularly difficult for start-up entrepreneurs to expand their business when they have to compete on a broader stage. So what can you do […]


Knowing When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries are far more common than most people could ever imagine, especially when you are an eco-activist. It could happen due to an accident, a fight or another traumatic event. If you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault, there is a good chance that you’re entitled to some form of payment. If you […]


The changing landscape of foreign and novel currencies

Forex trading became a massive industry due to the volatility of international currencies. One day the price for the Venezuela Petro can be up, the next day down. And the reverse. In between the foreign exchange volatility (forex volatility) there is a space to earn. That’s why historically people banked up American dollars or hid Swiss […]