The Ultimate Ful and Hummous Recipe

Got a yen for the food of strong men? Miriam shows how to make the Middle-Eastern working man’s lunch. It’s so easy to just bop down to the corner falafel stand and pick up a pita full of the Middle Easts’ favorite fast food. But get to know – and make, another meal, the kind […]


Making Fermented and Pickled Lemons

Lots of lemons in stock? Why not preserve them for the winter? Miriam offers 2 creative ways. Now is when lemons are plentiful and cheap, so take advantage and put some up. That was Hamutal’s advice earlier this year when she gave us a recipe for fresh lemon curd. A jarful of preserved lemon quarters […]


Majadra Means Lentils and Rice

In every Middle Eastern country, people eat Majadra, the working man’s dish of lentils and rice topped with fried onions. The basic recipe is the same in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel, with variations evolving from the local tradition or the taste of the cook. Some might cook the grains in stock instead of water. […]