Melt-in-your-mouth tehina cookie recipe

You won’t be able to keep these halvah-like cookies around for long. And they couldn’t be simpler to make. We never thought to use tehina (or tehini as you might know it) in baking, but this recipe produces the most meltingly delicious cookies you can imagine. If you’re looking for ways to use up your […]


RECIPE: Poussins Stuffed with Pine Nuts and Rice

Poussins stuffed with pine nuts, Middle-Eastern spices and rice bring roast chicken to a higher level. A poussin is nothing more than a baby chicken, under a month old and hardly bigger than a man’s fist. Each one makes a serving. They’re very good grilled or stuffed and roasted quickly. We love to serve them […]


RECIPE: Creamy Eggplant Soup

Eggplant seems an unlikely soup ingredient. But blended with vegetable stock, herbs, and cream, the shiny purple vegetable makes a creamy soup full of Middle-Eastern flavors. Now is when eggplant is coming into season in the Middle East. In any market there’s a table piled high with long purple-black eggplants, round eggplants, ridged eggplants, purple […]


Foodbridge Blog Bridges Cultures Through Cooking

There’s really no better way to get to know someone than by sitting down and sharing a meal. Sarah Melamed, plant biologist and naturalist, aims to make those connections happen by recreating recipes from all over the Middle East and the Mediterranean on her eclectic blog, Foodbridge. In multicultural Israel, where Melamed lives, every kitchen offers […]


IsraWinexpo In Tel Aviv Showcases Israeli Wines

IsraWinexpo 2010 opened last night to journalists, critics, and wine industry representatives. The exhibition opens to the public today and tomorrow, Feb. 10-11, from 16:00 -22:00 hours. It takes place at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center. Green Prophet attended. Glass in hand, we circulated between the attractive, well-organized stands, which were staffed by friendly, knowledgeable […]


Za’atar Pesto Recipe From Israel’s Slow Food Chef

Fresh za’atar at Ramla Open-Air Market Chef Moshe Basson created this pungent, chunky pesto in just a few minutes, right under our eyes. Za’atar (Arabic: زعتر‎, also romanized as zaatar, za’tar, zatar, zatr, zahatar or satar) is a generic name for a family of related Middle Eastern herbs from the genera oregano, calamintha, thyme, and […]


RECIPE for Ma’amoul Cookies, a Tender Arabian Pastry Delight

Ma’moul means “filled” or “stuffed” in Arabic, and these tender, crumbly pastries are stuffed with dates or nuts. Traditionally, they’re made in special wooden molds that imprint the pastry with individual designs – so you know if your ma’amoul is stuffed with walnuts, dates, or pistachios, without having to take a bite. People all over […]


RECIPE: Almond Blossom Liqueur

White Almond Blossoms Make A Unique Liqueur All over the Mediterranean and Middle East, wild almond trees in fields and along highways are becoming clouds of pink and white blossom. They’re the first to bloom at winter’s end. Although rain and dark skies may return a few more times, tentative sunshine warms our faces, and […]


Surprising Salt

Photo of the Dead Sea by David Shankbone, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. We can’t live without salt. That’s a known fact. To satisfy the craving for this essential nutrient, people have fought wars to own it, built roads to transport it, suffered extreme labor to extract it from the earth, and paid high taxes for […]


RECIPE: Chicory, Traditional Middle-Eastern Greens

Will chicory become chic? Chicory, or olesh in Arabic and Hebrew, is a tasty wild edible related to endive. Generations of  Middle Eastern peoples hand-gathered the lance-like, serrated leaves to cook, but you can buy it cultivated now. Unfortunately, this nutritious, inexpensive wild vegetable hasn’t acquired the prestige of, say, artichokes – which are really […]


Where Macrobiotic Meets Makluba in Jerusalem

Chef Moshe Basson and health expert Christina Pirello put a vegan twist on a classic Arab dish. After changing location several times, Jerusalem’s Eucalyptus Restaurant has taken root in the prestigious Khutzot HaYotzer artist’s quarter in Jerusalem. Chef Moshe Basson hosted a “Biblical Cooking Class” there last week, taught by visiting American health and nutrition […]


Foraging Wild Weeds on Your Windowsill: Grow Chickweed

It’s easy to cultivate chickweed (a vitamin powerhouse) on your windowsill for a quick springtime salad. Karin went foraging in her backyard, but wasn’t sure which weeds were edible. One of the most prevalent edible weeds thriving now in the Mediterranean is chickweed, Stellaria media if you want to get botanical about it. Its flavor […]


The Ultimate Ful and Hummous Recipe

Got a yen for the food of strong men? Miriam shows how to make the Middle-Eastern working man’s lunch. It’s so easy to just bop down to the corner falafel stand and pick up a pita full of the Middle Easts’ favorite fast food. But get to know – and make, another meal, the kind […]