Local Eggs, Industrial Eggs, and Salmonella

The recent salmonella outbreak in the U.S. provoked a debate: are local eggs really safer than eggs from industrial farms? Over this past summer, half a billion eggs were recalled in the U.S. due to salmonella contamination. Salmonella, a debilitating and potentially life-threatening illness, is caused by the salmonella enteriditis bacteria.  The eggs came from […]

Lemon-scented vegetarian couscous

Coriander, lemon, and four kinds of vegetables make a mouth-watering vegetarian couscous. Natural locavores, good Middle Eastern cooks take pleasure in seeking out the very best and freshest vegetables in the open-air markets, transforming inexpensive local ingredients into delicious traditional foods. Some examples include mulukhiya (our mulukhiya recipe here) and couscous. While couscous is often […]

5 Fast and Delicious Sandwich Ideas

In the time it takes to go out and buy fast food or wait for the home delivery, you can whip up delicious home-made – and healthy – sandwiches. It takes five minutes to put together a sandwich based on foods from the pantry and fridge. And you save money using up some of the […]


RECIPE: Fresh-Corn Corn Muffins

Fresh corn makes all the difference in these golden muffins – a treat for family and guests. Right now in Israel it’s the Sukkot holiday, and visiting time as friends and neighbors go sukkah-hopping from one home to the next. It’s time to catch up with neighborhood news, refresh friendships, and relax with people instead […]


Do You Eat In Front Of The Computer?

Watching TV and sitting at the computer is fattening, if you eat in front of the screen. It’s time to examine our eating habits and consider how best to repair them. Most people agree that eating in front of the computer or TV leads to overeating. We unconsciously reach for another handful of that salty […]


RECIPE: Kreplach For The Pre-Yom Kippur Meal

Did you know it’s a mitzvah to eat well before the Yom Kippur fast? Kreplach (Ashkenazic traditional stuffed noodle dumplings) are a delicious addition to the pre-fast meal. This year, Yom Kippur starts on Friday evening the 17th of September, and lasts till Shabbat is over on Saturday night. Although the fast falls on Shabbat, […]


Ramadan’s Favorite Spices Flavor Middle Eastern Food

Dozens of colorful fresh spices enliven traditional dishes of the Arab world. Spices and herbs are treasured as culinary ingredients, and as medicine, in every Middle Eastern country. While modern supermarkets and small grocery stores carry many of the popular ones, people in the know still search out traditional spice and herb shops, where they […]

6 Ideas For Eating Well With Leftovers

You’ll eat well and save money by changing the way you look at holiday leftovers. This time of year is a time of intense food activity. For Jews, the High Holidays are taking off with symbolic foods called Simanim, and for Arabs, Ramadan just came to a close (have a look at the lively, vegan […]


Arak, The Middle East’s Favorite Tipple

Arak – spirits flavored with anise seed. A seductive (and sustainable) drink loved all over the Middle East. The waiter comes carrying a tray with a bottle, a small pitcher of water, ice, and lots of glasses. You pour the clear, anise-fragrant arak out of the bottle, only about one-third of the way up in […]

RECIPE: Golden Roasted Potato Wedges

Who can resist a potato? These crisp-skinned potato wedges seasoned with olive oil and Middle-Eastern herbs make a great side dish for any meal. The warm scent of organic potatoes roasting in olive oil and pungent spices. Far healthier than fries. And the good feeling of slow food happening in your own kitchen, with an […]


Interview With Locavore Expert Leda Meredith

Green Prophet’s interview with “locavore” author Leda Meredith reveals a wealth of ways that eating locally-grown foods helps to green the planet. We do what we can to reduce overall energy consumption, dutifully turning the faucet off while we scrub the dishes, turning lights off in empty rooms, hauling bottles and old newspapers to the […]

RECIPE: Herb-Crust Chicken Shnitzels

Chicken fillets pounded thin and fried are shnitzel in Israel. Miriam serves a healthier, herby, baked version. Sizzling summer weather takes away our appetite for anything but light, nutritious food. Coming in from the street feeling broiled ourselves, a quick, home-cooked meal is the answer. Like these organic chicken fillets. They’re  more interesting than the […]


Plagued By Mosquitoes? Greenopolis Blog Offers Help

Natural and effective mosquito repellents like marigolds might be growing in your own garden. I’m a mosquito’s favorite nosh. Even just attending my window sill plants on a summer day, I’ll be slapping at my ankles and cussing at the little stingers. Being wary of toxic pesticides that pollute the environment, I’m glad to read […]


Freekeh recipes for a new taste of the old farik grain

Folks seeking new taste sensations are going wild over the flavor of freekah, frikeh (Arabic: فريكة‎) or farik, an Arabic smoked green wheat – a staple in the Middle East for thousands of years. Where wheat grows in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, people set aside part of the harvest to make freekeh. Its young […]

Fresh figs with arak and cream

Light, fresh fruit is the sweet of choice to round off summer meals. Here’s a fresh fig dessert for adults to savor, and one that will delight children too. Figs come into Middle Eastern markets twice a year, in July and in September, but their seasons are always short.  We rush to get some organic […]


Recipe: Seasoned Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

Summer time is tomato time, and not just for salads. Slow-roast some to taste the depth and sweetness of all their flavors. In Middle East open-air markets, we now see piles of ripe tomatoes. And since they’re seasonal and cheap, we enjoy them raw and sliced into all kinds of salads, sometimes cooking them when we […]