3 Easy Ways to Cook Asparagus

Asparagus season is short, so rush out to the market and get your asparagus while you can. Then cook it in one of these delicious ways. It always gives me a lift when I’m trawling the shuk for local vegetables and see bundles of  delicate green and purple asparagus  spears. I love it for its […]


RECIPE: Passover Granola

Matzah in the morning, as granola. Miriam shows you how. I’m not a great fan of matzah meal- based food – always excepting our delicious matzah balls. Plain matzah, spread with cottage cheese or butter, makes unexciting but predictable Passover breakfasts. Since strawberries are in season, it’s easy to make strawberry jam from our recipe […]


Side dish roasted eggplant with tehini

Grilled and drizzled with multiple Middle-Eastern flavors, this vegetarian eggplant side dish gets raves every time. Eggplant is the poor man’s meat. There must be a hundred Middle-Eastern recipes featuring the purple vegetable, like the surprising eggplant soup and the ever-popular baba ganoush. I first ate eggplant with tahini and labneh in a tiny Jerusalem […]


Passover Recipe: Traditional Matzah Balls

“Kneidlach” may be the only Yiddish word that an Israeli knows, but everyone knows that it means matzah balls. People tend to think of Israeli food as typically Middle Eastern, (like our labneh and potato salad with fava beans recipes) and so it most often is. Yet the culinary  influence of Eastern European immigrants is […]


McNuggets? Macabre.

You thought meat glue was gross? Miriam ventures further into the dark world of food industry. An article in the Huffington Post by Dr. Joseph Mercola caught my attention recently. It was about McNuggets, the chicken-based fried food that caused a drunken woman to riot when denied her nugget fix last year. Those amused by […]


RECIPE: Fesenjan, Persian Chicken in Walnut Sauce

A classical Iranian dish, Fesenjan is chicken cooked in a rich walnut and pomegranate sauce. Scientists from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, now proclaim that walnuts aren’t only tasty, they’re also good for you. According to studies cited by an article in the BBC News, the rich-tasting nut is so high in antioxidants that small […]


Meat Glue: It’s Everywhere, But We Don’t Know It

A succulent slice of foie gras. That perfect round shape was produced with an enzyme called transglutaminase –  meat glue. The more I learn about meat glue, the more cheated I feel. Since there’s no law ensuring that I be informed, I could be absorbing blood-clotting enzyme without suspecting it. Transglutaminase is said to be […]


RECIPE: Ghorabeya Cookies for Purim

Delicate Turkish cookies, easy to make and perfect for filling Purim baskets. If there’s one weakness we confess to, it’s cookies. We’ve posted about fruit-stuffed ma’amoul cookies and tehina cookies in previous posts.  Now meet Sephardic ghorabeya cookies, a delicacy with a simple nut flavor coming through in every sweet mouthful. This recipe comes from […]


Quick Leafy Crops For The Urban Garden

Spring is just around the corner – time to prepare your balcony or window box  for crops of leafy greens City folk with just a little sunny space can start growing herbs for salads, and even a few quick-growing vegetables, now. I cultivate a “vanishing garden – ” herbs and vegetables in balcony window boxes […]


Turmeric’s Old Remedy Gives New Hope for Cancer Patients

Turmeric isn’t only a spice: it may be an effective boost for anti-cancer drugs. Bright yellow turmeric root, a well-loved spice in the Middle East and Asia, has been used for centuries in folk medicine to relieve inflammation. Medicinal spices have been reviewed on Green Prophet here. To relieve internal inflammation in the digestive tract, […]


RECIPE: Potato Salad with Fresh Fava Beans

Fresh, green fava beans appear in the Middle East for just a few weeks. Eat them as they are or accent another vegetable with them. Those fat, ungainly-looking pods conceal a fleeting vegetable delicacy: fresh fava beans. Maybe it’s a good thing that the season for them is so short – it makes the work […]


RECIPE: Artichoke Dip

Thorns and thistles make delicious eating if you know know  Middle-Eastern ways to cook them. Snooping around the open-air market in my town, I was glad to see thistles and thorns piled up on the wooden stands. (See our post about Israeli open-air markets.) Spiky artichokes and bristly cardoons, to be exact. If you’re looking […]

Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment

A blooming rooftop garden, or a share in a local CSA. Individual actions add up to change for the better in our fragile world. A far-off cry in the wind, that’s what the vital issue of climate change has become. Legislation imposing change on carbon-emitting industry drags. American politicians even argue that the U.S. can’t […]


RECIPE: Chocolate-Nut Clusters

Make your own chocolate treats with this easy sweet recipe. Valentine’s Day is behind us, but love of chocolate lingers (see our post on why Fair-Trade or organic chocolate is the ethical way to indulge). These rich mouthfuls have no added sugar and are packed with chocolatey goodness – a real slow-food dessert (like our […]


Fair Trade Sweets on Valentine’s Day

Does that box of luscious chocolates bear the taint of slavery? I eat an ounce of dark chocolate daily, for its antioxidant properties. And frankly, because I love chocolate. These chilly winter nights, my family asks me for hot chocolate milk, and I’m happy to simmer some up for them. But I go to a […]


RECIPE:6-Hour Skillet Tomatoes

Put up a tomato confit on your next day at home. Yes, fresh tomatoes are but a dream in  frozen Northern countries right now. But here in the Middle East, hot house tomatoes are abundant and surprisingly inexpensive. I had six fat ones on my kitchen counter, just at the cusp between very ripe and […]

RECIPE: Moroccan Carrot Salad

Carrots are fat and sweet now. Dress dinner up with this tangy Moroccan carrot salad. We’re enjoying every drop of blessed rain, Arabs and Jews having prayed for it during the hot, bright summer. The moisture in the earth fattens  root vegetables, which we usually think of as soup ingredients but which make delicious salads […]


Stay at Villa Tehilah, Galilee Country Inn in Israel

My favorite place to stay in Israel is Villa Tehilah, Rosh Pina in the Galilee region of Israel. A beautifully restored, 120-year old property originally belonging to the Rothschild family, it has a magical atmosphere of private beauty and peace. I’ve been there with family, with friends, and alone. Others here on Green Prophet have […]

Oy! Soy! Does Soy Put Your Health At Risk?

Are soy products increasing women’s health risks? Miriam takes up the debate. Hannah’s thoughtful post on increased breast size in modern women made me think of the effect of soy on hormone stimulation. The theory that genetically-modified, unfermented soy products stimulate estrogen flow production is gaining ground, paired with what we know about GM foods’ […]


RECIPE: Middle-Eastern Noodles with Lentils

A fine Mideast winter dish with protein-rich lentils and comforting noodles. According to author of The Book of Middle Eastern Food Claudia Rodin, flour noodles have been known here since ancient times and owe nothing to Italian pasta recipes. It’s pasta all the same, but known in the Middle East as rishta, from the Persian […]


3 Wild Edibles And How to Eat Them

Miriam suggests ways to cook free wind-sown vegetables. At this time of year, you may find free vegetables growing in your own backyard (like Karin did), or in your windowbox. Springing up from wind-sown seeds and roots that slept underground through last summer, the newly green landscape is actually full of green vegetables. The first […]


RECIPE: Grilled Arak Oranges

Piquant with booze and naturally sweet, these grilled oranges are a quick, sophisticated dessert for a winter dinner. It’s still officially winter in the Middle East, although spring is making a premature appearance with warm, windy days and scanty rain.  Orange trees shed their heady fragrance over sidewalks and gardens, while open-air markets display piles […]


Tu B’Shvat Recipe: Vegan Carob Nut Balls

Ancient food of the Middle East, carob’s sweet flavor makes this vegan dessert naturally good. When I was a little girl living in New York, Israel was just a faraway hot, sandy country to me. Tu B’Shvat meant planting a tree by mail, although today you can plant a tree in Israel online. It was […]