Home Study to Green Your Education


Sharpen those green pencils and get your eco-friendlier education at home. When offering advice about how to reduce one’s carbon footprint, several environmental advocates, organizations, and websites suggest telecommuting to work as much as possible.  Telecommuting (or working remotely from home on a computer) saves gas, releases fewer carbon emissions, and…. enables you to work […]

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Meet A Few Green Prophets At Energy Conference, Eilat


Green Prophet’s Karin joins seminar about media and clean tech in Eilat, Israel. Meet us there. At least three Green Prophets will be at the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference tomorrow in Eilat, Israel. Look for us talking excitedly about new announcements to young start-up companies, and entrepreneurs, and catch Green Prophet’s editor Karin Kloosterman at […]

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Masdar Conference Starts On Hopeful Note

Masdar energy conference started this week. The Fourth World Future Energy Summit hosted by Masdar opened this week bringing out many of the world’s foremost influencers and thought leaders on renewable energy, including heads of state, policy makers, government officials, business leaders, technologists, financiers and academics. All have travelled from corners of the world to […]

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Phoebus Energy Offers A Hybrid Heating System for Hotels and Hospitals


Using heat pumps and expert data analysis, Phoebus is installing their energy saving solution at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem. They promise to offer energy savings, an ROI after 2 to 3 years. Some of the highest energy costs for large facilities today, especially in the hotel hospitality and health care industries, stem from their […]

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Egyptian Dolphin Dealer Attacks Activist With Pitbull?


The plot thickens as dolphin dealer holding dolphins in filthy swimming pool, allegedly attacks Animal Planet/The Cove’s Richard O’Barry (above). Even environmental and animal welfare activists are not immune from attacks by Egyptian thugs. According to the Earth Island Institute’s Facebook page, The Cove’s Richard O’Barry was “attacked by [Egyptian] thugs” in Egypt’s Red Sea […]

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Egypt & Bahrain Pin Hopes On Joint Desalination Projects


Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources sees desalination as a solution to future water shortages. Egypt and Bahrain are looking at a cooperation agreement that will enable both countries to develop water desalination projects between the two countries, Egypt’s water resources and irrigation ministry confirmed to Bikya Masr on Tuesday. “We believe that the future water […]

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Islamic Ministers To Roll Up Their Green Sleeves In Tunisia


Islamic ministers from 30 organizations and countries will get together early October in order to put the environment back on the political map. Tunisia will host a conference of Islamic environment ministers in early October to look at how environmental issues can be impacted from a governmental perspective. The 4th Islamic environment ministers conference will […]

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Morocco To Stave Off Desertification With New Environmental Charter


The first Arab country to create one, Morocco’s new charter provides a blueprint for environmental protection and sustainable energy production. In a first for the Arab world, the Moroccan government announced a National Charter for Environment and Sustainable Development, becoming the first African country to launch any such ambitions. It is part of the country’s […]

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Researchers Get Potatoes Off The Couch And Powered Up


Cheap, and widely available in most countries of the world all year round, potatoes make an ideal source of power. Potatoes offer more than just a valuable source of nutrition, now they can also power your lights and computers, say Israeli researchers. The scientists from Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ) have discovered that potatoes can […]

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Climbing God’s Mountain in Sinai


The ultimate “spiritual” and ecological experience – climbing the mountain where Moses was believed to have received the 10 commandments. In the heart of the Sinai Peninsula lies the biblical mountain that Moses supposedly received the Ten Commandments from God thousands of years ago. When Moses went to traverse the sharp edges of the mountain […]

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Activists Generate Awareness of Critical Issues Ahead of UN Summit

Activists are pulling out all the stops ahead of a development summit at UN headquarters on 20-22 September. Pro-aid and anti-poverty lobbyists are trying everything from giant letters to banging pans to raise awareness of the high-level event. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) suffer from a lack of widespread public recognition, not least in the […]

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