Israel Cleantech Ventures and Capricorn Invest in Green Flame Retardants

Israel Cleantech Ventures and Capricorn Venture Partners announced today that they have invested $6 million in FRX Polymers, the manufacturer of a new, environmentally friendly family of inherently flame retardant plastics. FRX’s products are finding markets as polymeric flame retardant additives and as “stand-alone” inherently flame retardant engineering plastics. FRX Polymers is currently in the […]


City Waste Dubai Event Sets To Manage Middle East Garbage

City Waste is an inaugural four-day event that will take place from 11-14 October 2009. The Middle East’s rapid growth over the past years has brought about significant waste management challenges to the region. In response to these challenges, the City Waste 2009 will be a platform to discuss and share strategies on the increasing […]


Tigo Solar Energy Secures A $10 Million Investment

Following in the wake of a group of clean tech investors from California in Israel last week, Tigo Energy, a solar energy company in Israel raises $10m without even trying, according to Globes. Tigo develops photovoltaic systems optimization solutions, squeezing more energy from your solar energy system; and the financing was secured by Israel Cleantech […]


Seeing Water Pollution With Snake's Eyes

(Water snakes in Thailand. This new technology developed by Prof. Katzir can see through water, just like a snake.) Although most people take the safety of their drinking water for granted, that ordinary tap water could become deadly within minutes, says Prof. Abraham Katzir of Tel Aviv University’s School of Physics and Astronomy. To combat […]


Syria’s Environmentally-Friendly Olive Oil

With its Mediterranean climate Syria is a natural home to the olive tree (read about the history of the olive tree here). It is ranked 5th in the world in production of olive oil, behind Spain, Italy, Greece and Tunisia, with a share of 4.6% of world production. This makes the olive sector one of […]


Nitzana's An Ecological Village That Practices What It Preaches

(Images: Solar concentrator – presents advanced technology for the concentration of solar radiation and various applications of its energy. The Solar Park’s Evaporative Cooling Tower – this exhibit shows how to cool a large space, based on the principles of natural ventilation, evaporative cooling and solar power.) How does a rural educational community located in […]


We Come From Comets, Finds New Icy Research

(A picture taken by NASA of McNaught comet in Australia) Comets have always fascinated us. A mysterious appearance could symbolize God’s displeasure or mean a sure failure in battle, at least for one side. Now Tel Aviv University justifies our fascination — comets might have provided the elements for the emergence of life on our […]

Algae-For-Biofuel Isaac Berzin's New Advert Touting the Importance of this Alternative Energy Source

“We call it pollution, they call it gourmet food,” so says algae-for-fuel missionary Isaac Berzin, who sent Green Prophet a new video, an advertisement touting the benefits of this alternative energy source for our planet. Berzin, a Ben-Gurion University and MIT-trained chemical engineer, and Boston-based Greenfuel Technologies have developed a revolutionary technology to produce biofuels […]

Video on Israel-Jordan Water War On Jordan TV

Clean water, and water resources dominate the news over here in the Middle East. Recently Green Prophet reported on Israel’s “water” compensation to Jordan, and the Jordan crisis dealing with radioactive water. This video segment from Al-Arabiya offers a Jordanian view on the water story, or “war” as they report, between Jordan and Israel.