Stateless “Team Refugee Athletes” cleared to compete at Rio 2016 Olympics!


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced yesterday the formation of a new, nation-less team of athletes cleared to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil this summer. According to a statement released on the IOC website, the all-refugee team will be treated the same as the other teams representing the 206 National […]

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منازل صديقة للبيئة .. أحدث تقنيات العقارات الجديدة للحفاظ على كوكبنا


أصبح سوق العقارات من أهم الأسواق التجارية في العالم في السنوات الأخيرة، حيث حقق الكثير من الإنجازات والنجاحات التي ساعدت في نهضة اقتصاد بعض الدول، لذا بدأت الحكومات العربية في الاهتمام بهذا السوق، وقامت بتوفير كافة الاحتياجات للمستثمرين، وشرعت قوانين جديدة حتى تُسهل عملية الاستثمار، وخصصت الكثير من الأراضي ووفرت مواد البناء بأسعار مناسبة، كل […]

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Israeli architects grow a “tree” to get us playing outdoors


An old pine tree in the courtyard at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem inspired architects Ifat Finkelman and Deborah Warschawski to design a modern treehouse. The slatted wood structure sits at the entrance of the museum’s Youth Wing for Art Education, and it’s attracting children and adults in equal numbers. Who would think a museum installation could incite […]

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Hydropolis Aims to Restore the Nile Valley’s Natural Agricultural Rhythm


Just about everyone learned in their early geography classes that the Nile Valley was once a fertile haven. Crops proliferated on the green banks due to natural flooding that deposited rich nutrients, although occasionally these floods inundated and destroyed crops as well, and the land of the Pharaohs was a mecca for agriculture. But when […]

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Book Review: Strategy for Sustainability by Adam Werbach – A Primer for Third Wing Environmentalism or a Harbinger of the Black Swan?


I find it fitting and perhaps a little ironic that I was asked to write a review about Adam Werbach’s popular book, Strategy for Sustainability, a book addressed to corporations large and small about how they can operate as leaders in sustainability. Perhaps because  my senior thesis as an undergraduate English  major, was entitled “The […]

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