The Green Mosque Puts Faith In Its Eco-Friendly Place

Winner of Chicago-based contest, could this be the world’s greenest mosque? That nature and religion make good green fellows has recently been the source of much media emphasis. Since appealing to the public’s rational mind (the planet is burning up, shouldn’t we adjust our behavior accordingly?) has been wildly ineffective, then perhaps a more God-fearing […]


Ecoweek Builds Israeli/Palestinian Peace One Workshop At A Time

ECOWEEK is at it again, this time looking for green building solutions to Tantur, a theological school based in Beit Jala. ECOWEEK unites budding, newly-minted, and established architects from around the world to sketch modern solutions to enduring challenges. Earlier this year, ECOWEEK – founded by Elias Messinas, an Israeli-Greek green architect – arranged lectures […]


‘Ground Zero Mosque’ will be Green

When the controversy subsides and construction begins, “Park 51,” otherwise known as the “Ground Zero Mosque,” will be LEED certified Green mosques are sprouting up all over the world. We brought news of the first eco-mosque in Cambridge, but now in the midst of the chaos and controversy surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque, organizers have […]


Haim Dotan’s Tao of Architecture

Israeli  Haim Dotan incorporates the soul of nature into his art and architecture Few things make our green hearts soar more than an architect with a gentle, artistic, nature-loving touch. Although we learned this week that cave homes built into volcanic rock withstood seven centuries of time’s wrath, it is also true that dense urban […]


700 year-old Iranian underground cave homes

Carved out of volcanic rock, these homes have survived seven centuries. Now that’s what we call sustainable Since we wrote about Hassan Fathy’s mud buildings, we’ve been dying to find other examples of such earthy architecture in the Middle East. Certainly modern inventions are worth mentioning, such as Ginger Dosier’s home-grown bricks, as are efforts […]


Architectural Design To Memorialize Assault On Free Speech In Turkey

Although they only received 2nd place in Turkey’s national design competition, 1/1 Architecture combines “green” with culture in this stunning design True green architecture is rarely an end in itself. Many architects creating ecologically sensitive designs with a view toward sustainability have either a political underpinning, like Omar Yousef’s work, or a social motive, like […]


Omar Yousef’s Crowded Architecture

Palestinian Architect Omar Yousef draws attention to the occupation’s “forced ecology” at the Ecoweek conference in Israel [image taken by Tomer Appelbaum] Designed to teach young architects the most progressive building practices available, beyond borders or cultural differences, the Ecoweek conference taking place in Israel draws inevitable attention to disparities. Green Prophet’s interest in natural […]


Azouri Brothers Eco-Tower Planned for Tel Aviv

The First Phase of Tel Aviv’s first “Green” high rise to be completed in January [image via] Although the Middle Eastern sustainable development agenda lags behind the western world, several recent developments and innovations demonstrate that we can keep pace. Studied Impact in Dubai has designed a renewable power plant that is fit for […]