Aprés COP 18: Will Qatar Rebound with Solar?

With free water and electricity, and the world’s largest carbon footprint, is Qatar’s new stance on solar a bona fide shift towards fossil fuel alternatives or are they simply catching the latest fashion? Qatar aims to raise the share of solar power in state electricity generation to 16% by 2018, an official told The Jordan Times, […]


Egypt and MENA Set to Exploit Solar Power?

Egypt and sunshine. The two go hand in hand. Ask any tourist, or come to that, any solar panel maker pulling in the profits. Both are grateful for the sunshine. Even in December, Egypt enjoys an average 6.4 hours of sunshine a day. In June, the average jumps to an incredible 11.9 hours a day. […]


Single White Light luminAID Seeks Middle East Partner

Three years of sustainable lighting for fifteen bucks? United Nations Relief Agency, you hearing this? The LuminAID inflatable solar light was created by a pair of architecture students focused on disaster-relief solutions to the 2010 Haitian earthquake. Their light offers a safe, inexpensive and sustainable alternative to kerosene and oil lamps that’s ideally suited to […]


Wake Up To These 7 Eco-Clocks

Mornings are getting darker. Need a pick me up? Tick tock: try an eco clock. Israel daylight savings already sent summertime packing, but the rest of us in the Middle East will be switching in the weeks ahead from Daylight Savings to standard winter time.  Blast yourself out of that darkened bedroom with the help of […]


IBM’s Water-Cooled Solar Energy Microchips Also Desalinate H20

IBM has unveiled a water-cooled microchip that produces solar energy at greater efficiencies than most cells and the waste water can be used to power desalination facilities. Wait, what? Let’s un-strip this sentence. A water-cooled microchip? IBM invented water-embedded microprocessors quite some time ago and have successfully put them to work in their Zurich-based SuperMUC […]