"Cooperative for Renewable Energy" Invests in Clean Energy and Community in Israel

In Israel, kibbutzim (once-socialist agricultural collectives) have risen as a hotbed of environmental activity.  Green Prophet has covered Kibbutz Ein Shemer, which holds environmental education seminars in their state-of-the-art greenhouse, and Kibbutz Lotan, which hosts the Center for Creative Ecology, just as a few of many examples. Although not physically based on a kibbutz, the […]


Environment Journalists, Bloggers and Activists From Israel, Jordan and the PA Unite: Let’s Meet Jordan

Osama, Khaloud, Zein and Sawsan (from left to right) present green projects from Jordan at Green Prophet’s Environment blogging workshop. It was 20 hours we will never forget. Nineteen journalists, activists and bloggers from Jordan, the PA and Israel met at an international blogging workshop in Jordan intending to make better environment bloggers (and friends) […]


Japan To Build Solar Plant in Jericho, Palestine

Jericho in Palestine will light up with solar power thanks to Japanese initiative. The Japanese government has agreed to assist the Palestinian Authority with two solar energy projects totaling $23 million, according to the Palestinian Maan News Agency. Part of the funds, $16.7 million, will be used to assist in alleviating the Authority’s financial difficulties, with […]


Interview With Elad Orian: Building Wind and Solar Energy for Palestinians With COMET

Rachel interviews Elad Orian, co-founder of COMET – Community, Energy, and Technology in the Middle East. He’s creating solar power for Palestinian villages. Through sustainable energy development for off-grid villages, the project aims to socially and economically empower Palestinian communities of the South Mount Hebron region, one of the poorest and most marginalized areas within […]