Environmental Factors Turn Once Harmless Sharks Into Killers

These are the two sharks killed by Egyptian authorities following several attacks off the Sinai peninsula last week. One of the sharks responsible for some attacks remains at large. There are many consequences of climate change that scientists foresaw: melting glaciers, rising temperatures, freak storms, flooding, drought, and continued loss of biodiversity. Then there are […]


Climbing God’s Mountain in Sinai

The ultimate “spiritual” and ecological experience – climbing the mountain where Moses was believed to have received the 10 commandments. In the heart of the Sinai Peninsula lies the biblical mountain that Moses supposedly received the Ten Commandments from God thousands of years ago. When Moses went to traverse the sharp edges of the mountain […]


Israel, Egypt Considering Joint Solar Energy Project in Sinai

Israeli Minister Ben-Eliezer addressing the Eilat energy conference this morning. (photo by Daniel Cherrin). Israel and Egypt are discussing a possible collaborative solar energy project in the Sinai desert, Israel’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Binyamin Ben-Eliezer announced this morning at the third annual Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference. According to Ben-Eliezer, he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu […]


In Praise of the Middle East Squat Toilet in Sinai

The eastern squat toilet is the world’s perfect eco-toilet. Come and look inside. Some people think they’re primitive, but I love them. The hole-in-the-floor Middle East squat toilets can be found in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt –– and likely in other Middle East countries I’ve yet to visit. They’re used in China too. Not […]


Daryl Hannah Splashes Into Sinai Eco-Tourism

Green Prophet would love to invite the Splash icon to Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. See the video below where Daryl Hannah, the foxy American actress-turned environmentalist, explores eco-tourism in Egypt. Some tips to be learned from the vid. For more eco-tourism stops in Sinai-Egypt see our post on Eco-Tourism in Egypt.