Tehran Residents Complain About Air Pollution and Water Quality


The biggest environmental concerns of the residents of Tehran are air pollution and water quality. The public awareness of environmental problems is of great importance in today’s societies. It is somehow more important than the governmental privileges. In Iranian society, this awareness is in shadow of political, economic and social issues, which look more substantial […]

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Soaring Food Prices Hit Lebanon


As the popular Tunisian revolt which ousted the President Ben Ali dies down, the continuing rise of food prices is becoming a real concern for the region’s governments The reasons behind the downfall of the Tunisian president Ben Ali are complex but the high food prices, which brought the average person to the streets in […]

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Israeli Clean Air Act Goes into Effect


Passed in the summer of 2008, Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect this month. As with its neighboring Middle Eastern countries, things can be slow moving in Israel sometimes.  Maybe its a regional thing.  But better later than never.  While it would have been great if Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect back […]

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A Green Party Grows in Lebanon


The newly formed Green Party of Lebanon (GPL) is planning its debut with the May 2010 municipal elections. The Daily Star reports that the GPL is a secular, environmental, human-rights oriented party bent on slashing corruption and recovering burnt forests. GPL President Philippe Skaff (left) told the Star that focusing only on the immediate political crises […]

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Israel and America Sign Renewable Energy Coop Deal


It’s been in the works for a while. Finally, the new US-Israel agreement of cooperation in renewable energy was announced at the opening of the 2nd Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference last week. The US-Israel Energy Cooperation Act is an international collaboration aimed at creating a renewable energy storage initiative to reduce the world’s oil […]

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Israel and Korea to Boost Environmental Cooperation


Israel Environmental Protection Minister Gideon Ezra and his Korean counterpart Environment Minister Lee Maanee signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral environmental cooperation on November 12, 2008. Under the agreement, the two countries will enhance cooperation on air pollution, climate change, biological diversity and sewage disposal and will promote exchanges between environmental experts. Among the […]

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General Meeting of Israel's New Environmental Political Party "HaTnuah Hayeruka"


We’ve been following the recent green politics and parties in Israel (see our Re-evaluating Green Parties, Must They Be Liberal Left Wing?). And tomorrow the brand new environmental political party The Green Movement (HaTnuah Hayeruka) is holding a general meeting of members tomorrow morning, Friday, Nov. 14 at 9 a.m. at the Seminar Kibbutzim in […]

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Israel Elections: Reevaluating "Green" Parties – Must they be liberal left wing?


In the leadup to this week’s municipal elections in Israel, Tzafrir Rinat, the respected environmental correspondent of the daily newspaper Haaretz, discussed the local environmental political parties in his article “The Green Party – mostly bluster“.  Since the other player in the field, “the Israel Green Movement” is brand new, Rinat evaluated the 10 year […]

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Environmental Delegation Takes a Deeper Look at Israel's Complexities


Since 1982, the American Jewish Communities’ Project Interchange has been giving a first-hand introduction of Israel and its regional historical and contemporary challenges to current and future United States and international leaders. This past mission has been focused on the greens. Just five weeks into the job Stephanie Hillman, Greenpeace Mediterranean’s brand new project director, […]

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