Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing!

Can urban agriculture save Cairo? We think it’s a pretty good start There has been an important spotlight on agriculture not only in Egypt, which is suspected by the EU of causing the E. coli outbreak in Germany earlier this year, but also other Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Morocco whose poor […]


Marda Permaculture Farm Plants Sustainable Seeds in Palestine

Marda Permaculture Farm shows that traditional and modern sustainable farming practices can go hand in hand. Amidst the conflict and destruction that plagues Palestine, the Marda Permaculture Farm stands out as a model of sustainability and greenery.  Founded in 2006 by permaculturist Murad Alkhufash (pictured above) who is a tenth generation farmer, the working farm […]


Learn Permaculture and Green Building Techniques in Israel

We’ve had our eyes on Greek-Israeli green architect, Elias Messinas, for a while.  President of the NGO ECOWEEK (active in Greece, Cyprus, and Israel), and an environmental consultant to the Kramim Eco Village project in Israel, he’s also been busy over the past year in organizing a “green” civil engineering lecture series for the city […]


Green Bloggers Meet in Madaba, Jordan

After around two months of international phone calls, this Sunday and Monday Green Prophet hosted a whirlwind two-day (20-hour) seminar on environmental blogging in Madaba, Jordan. Thanks to the good efforts of Volunteers for Peace and the Masar Center, nearly 20 Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli writers and activists met for the first time and learned […]


Eco-Kibbutz Lotan Rolls Out Two Green Programs

Tucked deep into the Arava desert at the southeastern border of Israel, Kibbutz Lotan‘s Center for Creative Ecology has announced two programs for the late summer and fall, including detailed information for funding on its Web site. The first is the Peace, Justice and Environment course, which is run in conjunction with the Living Routes […]


Siah HaSade: Permaculture initiative greening Jerusalem

Should I stay or should I go? It’s a common question vexing many people living in Jerusalem, a city suffering from negative population migration, particularly young, secular Jews who leave to seek opportunities in Tel Aviv and central Israel. Siah HaSade is a new permaculture centre in the heart of west Jerusalem which seeks to […]


Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

Special guest desert dwelling activist and academic Lucy Michaels, gets to the heart of the matter with a classic eco text: “The burnt cliffs and lonely skies … all that which lies beyond the end of roads:” From Desert Solitaire and why Israel’s deserts need their own Edward Abbey. In the late 1950’s, a young […]


It's All Greek at the Green Geek Unconference

In American colleges, being part of “Greek” culture means that you’re part of a fraternity or sorority (and, by extension, that you usually engage in lots of drinking and debauchery).  In Israel, this has been lost in translation.  Like, really lost. As of Friday, November 28 being part of “Greek” culture in Israel will mean […]


Study Abroad at Kibbutz Lotan, an Israeli Eco Village

College students don’t usually need a justifiable reason for studying abroad.  And study abroad in Israel?  There’s the sun, the beach, the good food, the beautiful people… all very educational, of course.  But for those students who are looking for a justifiable reason (at least one they can tell their undergraduate advisors or parents), how […]