It's All Greek at the Green Geek Unconference

In American colleges, being part of “Greek” culture means that you’re part of a fraternity or sorority (and, by extension, that you usually engage in lots of drinking and debauchery).  In Israel, this has been lost in translation.  Like, really lost. As of Friday, November 28 being part of “Greek” culture in Israel will mean […]


Study Abroad at Kibbutz Lotan, an Israeli Eco Village

College students don’t usually need a justifiable reason for studying abroad.  And study abroad in Israel?  There’s the sun, the beach, the good food, the beautiful people… all very educational, of course.  But for those students who are looking for a justifiable reason (at least one they can tell their undergraduate advisors or parents), how […]


Adam and Eve: An Eco Farm Paradise in Modiin

Summer has, without a doubt, arrived in Israel. School is about to end, summer vegetables and fruits are in season, and there’s a greater desire to be outdoors. Enter the Adam and Eve farm (or, in Hebrew, Hava & Adam) in Modiin, which offers lots of great ways to celebrate summer. This educational-ecological center integrates […]


Don't Pass Up on Eco Camp This Passover

The sun is out, flowers are in bloom, and it’s a great time of year for kids to be outdoors.  And if they’re going to be outdoors anyway, why not give them the gift of environmental appreciation?  Don’t pass up on the great eco camp offered by Yevulim Community Ecological Farm this Passover. Located in […]