Potato Salad With Middle Eastern Flavors (RECIPE)

This olive oil and lemon-based potato salad brings bright flavors to your mezze. Traditional mezze appetizers tend to based on vegetables. In our hot, dry climate, it makes sense to put many small dishes of piquant salads on the table at the start of a meal. You can count on them to waken a languishing […]


The Scent of a Middle Eastern Woman and Man

Ayala Moriel has captured and bottled natural Middle East smells and made them into natural perfumes. With captivating names, perfumer Ayala Mor from Canada has distilled the best scents of the Middle East and has turned them into bottles of perfume. From Israel, her scents are reminiscent of her roots: the Old City in Jerusalem, […]


Kapow! – Arab Spring Madness in a Frantic Novel

In ways both understood and yet to be discovered, the Arab Spring has changed us. All of us. Having finally tapped their personal and collective power through social media and community engagement, youth in the region are taking their creative, environmental and intellectual lives back into their own hands. But the unfolding of this process is […]


Interview: SolarReserve For the MENA Region?

This week I spoke to Kevin Smith, the CEO of SolarReserve, the U.S. company constructing the largest 24 hour solar project worldwide in Nevada, who told me that they are beginning to be active in the Middle East North Africa region as well. “We do have projects in development,” he said, “in Morocco, and Algeria […]


Syrian Stuffed Artichoke Hearts (Recipe)

Celebrate springtime in the Middle East with these aromatic stuffed artichokes. Fresh artichokes are all over Middle Eastern markets now. Lovers of the edible thistle enjoy scraping the steamed, seasoned leaves with their teeth and never mind getting melted butter or vinaigrette all over their fingers. But there are many refined ways of filling artichokes, […]


Saudis to Make Desert Sands into Solar Polysilicon

Saudi Arabia has lots of open land, and lots of sand which is rich in silicon; which is needed to make polysilicon for the solar industry. This year, the Kingdom has announced its second polysilicon manufacturing partnership, this time with Germany’s Centrotherm Photovoltaics.A year ago, Saudi Arabia had announced a $1 billion solar joint venture […]


Shisha: Don’t Read This If You Love Smoking It

This guy may look kind of sexy with his pipe, but the BBC unveils just how toxic smoking shisha really is. It’s always been a source of curiosity to me that even my health-conscious friends in the Middle East rarely pass up an opportunity to suck on a shisha pipe – as though that seductive […]


RECIPE: Sliced Sweet Potatoes Roasted in Date Honey

Looking for a quick, delicious and healthy side dish? Grab some sweet potatoes. There’s lots of cooking going on at this time of year. Passover, Easter, vacation time – guests coming over, family at home, and festive meals to prepare. A busy cook needs easy, reliable recipes to fill out her or his menus. Sweet […]


What’s in season in March?

Ever wonder what to do with eggplants? Read on for some Middle Eastern eggplant ideas. At the start of the month, markets didn’t have much new. Everything in February’s post still applied.  Newcomers like strawberries were still expensive and not sweet yet. Now, seasonal produce is on the upward swing towards summer’s abundance and those […]


Recycled Wood Pallets Stack up for Fashion Designers in Beirut

Avatar Architettura decks out a working space for fashion designers with chic recycled wooden pallets.  Avatar Architettura has decked out a working space for fashion designers in Beirut with recycled wooden pallets otherwise destined for one of the city’s notorious landfills. Known for strategies that “privilege ecology, flexible systems, biodiversity, and recycled materials in an […]


US Researchers Clean Waste Water & Create Energy in One Generator

This machine cleans waste water and generates energy at the same time. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have developed technology that treats waste water and generates energy at the same time – two priorities for Middle Eastern municipalities. Combining Reverse Electrodialysis (RED) technology developed in the Netherlands and Norway, which harvests energy where fresh water […]


Sweet And Tangy Pickled Cucumber Chips RECIPE

Few vegetables are so well-loved in the Middle East as cucumbers. This spicy cucumber pickle is delicious as an appetizer or to top your next falafel. “Cool as a cucumber” still applies when the cukes are pickled. Even when spiced and brined, cucumbers add a welcome, refreshingly piquant note to meals featuring fish, meat, and […]


Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Weekly Vegewarian Recipe

Cold weather is still calling for soup. Try this light, vegan one based on Jerusalem artichokes. Vegeware or do you identify as a climatarian? This might mean you might not be committed to vegetarianism, but are committed to doing your part by being vege “aware”. Here’s a great vegetarian recipe with in season Jerusalem artichoke […]