Workshop on Renewable Energy, Clean Tech, and International Carbon Markets in Tel Aviv Tomorrow


Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer & Ady Kaplan & Co. (ZAG/S&W)– a US-Israeli law firm with offices in Tel Aviv – is committed to helping Israeli and American companies succeed in doing business with each other.  Including doing renewable, clean tech business with each other. Tomorrow morning ZAG/S&W will be hosting a workshop reflecting that interest, called […]

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ZenithSolar and 10 Israel-Related Cleantech Headlines, From Week of May 3, 2009


During the week of May 3, 2009, Israel’s two biggest cleantech stories were about a BusinessWeek feature, which provided an overview of the sector and the attention it is drawing from the international investment community, and ZenithSolar’s technology, which Shimon Peres stated can [indirectly] “help fight terror.” Other stories included B-Solar raising $3 million, Leviathan […]

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Going On A Water Cequesta


It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it: cleaning up wastewater from industrial and agricultural operations, that is. A young Israeli company Cequesta is now open for business and has taken on the task of making America’s and the world’s waterways and businesses a whole lot cleaner. From cheese factories (yes even organic […]

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Israel NEWTech, A Government Initiative To Promote And Grow Israeli Water Technology And Innovation

Since its inception, Israeli scientists have always put great efforts into developing solutions to help alleviate their country’s chronic water problems. Beginning with innovated “drip” irrigation systems (companies Plastro and Netafim) for arid regions, and continuing with desalination of seawater in the early 1960’s and recycling of sewage waste water in the 1970’s and ’80s, […]

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New Energy For America Might Be In Israel: Top US Energy Leaders In Israel Now


The Obama administration has committed to supporting renewable energy sources and to mitigate domestic and international climate initiatives. At the dawn of Obama’s new presidency, influential energy leaders from America visit Israel to expand their worldviews to learn about the country’s unique technological opportunities. Among the American guests in Israel now are top energy officials […]

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What is the CleanIsrael Network?


This post was contributed by Talia Winokur of CleanIsrael Network. The cleantech sector in Israel is developing fast. As a world leader of alternative energy and water development, and a hub for innovative R&D, our small country looms large among global cleantech participants. Add to that the high-caliber manpower, history of entrepreneurship, geographical position as […]

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Eilat to Host Major International Energy Conference


Despite the ongoing conflict in Israel, a three-day international conference on renewable energy planned for February is going ‘full steam ahead,’ according to organizers. Far from the range of Hamas rocket strikes, the three-day Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference will take place in the southernmost city in Israel, from February 17-19, at Eilat’s Herod’s Palace. […]

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Olivebar Rolls Out "Green" Olive Logs To Power Your Wood Stove With Olive Waste


(Example of a pellet stove from Canada, and the chips and pellets they burn). Pellet stoves take condensed biological matter –– wood or biomass pellets –– to create a source of heat for residential and industrial spaces. They burn slower, for more time and can lower the heating bills. Environmentalists see pellet stoves as a “green” […]

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Israel and China Build Israel's Biggest Solar Power Plant


This week, Israel’s biggest solar power station was inaugurated in Katsrin, a place otherwise known for its archaeological sites. Generating 85,000 KWH per year, the power station represents a milestone in Israel’s adoption of alternative energy, which until now had hardly been a soaring success. But it also represents something else: A partnership between Israel […]

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